8/22 GCW Tournament of Survival 5 PPV Report on Rickey Shane Page vs. Jimmy Lloyd, Atticus Cogar vs. Allie Kat, Alex Colon vs. Shlak, Scramble Match, More.

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor



AUGUST 22, 2020



Announcers: “OG” Kevin Gill, “The King” Nick Gage


This was one of four opening round matches for the Tournament of Survival 5, GCW’s annual “Deathmatch,” tournament.

The match was fast and furious when it came to using weapons. Both men used weapons early and often. Even through the match was somewhat short there was a high volume of hardcore spots.


Ricky Shane Page (RSP) took lighter damage than Llyod, which foreshadowed the result of the match. The main spot took place at the end of the match. RSP pierced a syringe of an undisclosed liquid through the cheek of Llyod. RSP then sprayed the contents of the syringe out for all to see.


The match concluded with Llyod being dropped through a door that was covered in syringes.


WINNER: Ricky Shane Page in 8:00 (***)

Sage’s Analysis: This match set the tone for the rest of the show. This show was not for the faint of heart.  




This match featured the second member of 44OH, the faction that includes RSP, Eric Ryan, and Atticus Cogar.


The match started out as fast as possible, with Mercer overhead tossing Ryan through a sheet of glass with barbed wire. Again this show was not for the faint of heart.


The two traded shots and moves involving light tubes for a majority of the match. The end had Mercer using the flail that he walked out with, during his entrance, on the back and side of Ryan.


The match ended in a stoppage when Ryan had Mercer in a Half Boston Crab position. While in this position Eric Ryan stomped on the head of Mercer until the match was called.


WINNER: Eric Ryan in 8:00 (**1/4)


Sage’s Analysis: This was more of a traditional deathmatch. The match was really good and exciting. But, the finish and short amount of time hurt the overall match. The end setup Mercer as a babyface who may get revenge against 44OH at a later date.  




This match did a better job of telling a story within the match, as opposed to just being a hardcore spotfest.


Allie Kat started the match with a flurry of offense, but Cogar quickly obtained control of the match and was in the driver’s seat a majority of the time.


The end sequence had Allie Kat get a really serious shot with a light tube in the ear of Cogar, who appeared upset out of character. As a result, one of the final moves of the match. Which was Kat being slammed onto a chair with light tubes on the seat. Appeared to be as stiff as possible. Cigar put all of his weight in the move, causing the chair to collapse under both of their weight.


The match concluded with Cogar putting Kat through a door that was set on fire.


WINNER: Atticus Cogar in 12:00 (***3/4)


Sage’s Analysis: This match helped to continue to push forward the narrative that all the members of 44OH are vile, pieces of trash. This match did a good job of blending traditional wrestling elements of selling and storytelling into a hardcore environment.  




This was one of the most extreme deathmatches that I have seen in a long time in the United States. The story was that of absolute brutality. This was also the final first round match.


Anything that could have been done with a combination of light tubes, barbed wire, chairs, doors, and big wrestling moves was done.


Last years (tournament of survival 4) winner Alex Colon wanted Shlak in this first round match. The two did not disappoint. The only issue was the end of the match. By this time the entire ring was covered in a ½” layer of broken glass. Every move felt like the most devastating thing that could possibly be inflicted on another competitor.


But at the very end of the match, Colon hit a roll up to get the pinfall victory. Unless this leads to another match between the two, I have to give the finish as the only blemish on the match.


WINNER: Alex Colon in 14:00 (****1/2)


Sage’s analysis: You will not see a more brutal deathmatch than this in the United States. There was no real story telling or selling. But, I am giving out this rating as a deathmatch, not a traditional match. If the finish was better this would have been a must see. Both men put their bodies on the line to the extreme  


(5) Scramble Match: AR FOX vs. KTB vs. JORDAN OLIVER vs. LUCKY 13 vs. MYRON REED vs. ANDREW EVERETT 


This was a much needed respite to all of the harcore action from the first 90 minutes. The action was fast and furious. All six men got in a ton of offense and this was very much a classic, high-flying, indie show match.


AR Fox, who was premiering in his first GCW match, got the pinfall victory over Jordan Oliver with a 450 Splash.


WINNER: AR Fox in 9:00 (**1/2)


Sage’s Analysis: A really fun pallet cleanser. KTB and AR Fox really shined in this match 




Both RSP and Eric Ryan are members of 44OH, with RSP being the leader. Besides this being the case, the story told was that both men wanted to win and would do whatever it took to win.


Forks were a really big part of this match. There was a door that had dozens of forks bent and glued to the door. There was also a box of forks dumped on the mat early on. This must have been extremely painful to get slammed onto, and through (fork door). But, it visually did not register well watching it.


RSP hit a choke-breaker on a pile of forks to score the pinfall, and advance to the tournament final.


WINNER: Ricky Shane Page in 8:00 (**3/4)


Sage’s Analysis: This match was good, the forks seemed to be an interesting flair for this match. But, they did not register visually, which took away from this match.  




This match was not quite as brutal as Colon’s first match. But, the amount of punishment he took in the opening round match, helped to tell the story that he was a face trying to overcome the odds of facing Atticus, a member of 44OH, to get the the final boss RSP in the final.


This match did a good job in telling that story. Atticus was good in this match, as well in the last of blending traditional wrestling storytelling with a match like thi. At this point, a lot of spots were repeated which is understandable, but still took some excitement out of the match.


WINNER: Alex Colon in 11:00 (***) 


Sage’s analysis: A good match as laid out to tell the story of Alex Colon in this tournament. But, at this point there were just too many spots repeated to rate any higher 


(8) Chris Dickinson vs. Eddy Only


Eddy Only started by cutting a heel promo to the crowd, with a cigarette in his mouth. This lasted several minutes. In which Only challenged anyone in the crowd to get in the ring with him.  After a while Chris Dickinson emerged and accepted the challenge to  fight.


The fight was quick and one-sided. Dickinson threw Only through a door and pinned him with said door.


WINNER: Chris Dickinson in 3:00 (*1/2)


Sage’s Analysis: Classic squash match that was used to give RSP & Colon a break before the final.  




The final of the Tournament of Survival 5. The match started with several light tubes attached to the ring ropes. The first 5 minutes were all RSP.


His Valet at one point got on the apron to distract Colon. But was accidentally hit with a light tube, courtesy of RSP.


The match ended with Colon Superplexing RSP through a light tube throne.


WINNER: Alex Colon in 14:00 (***1/4)


Sage’s analysis:  Just like the Atticus/Colon match. This had good spots but felt similar to a majority of the matches on the card. It was good, just similar. 


Overall Show Rating – Thumbs Up


Sage’s analysis: If you are unsure if you like hardcore, deathmatch, style wrestling. I would suggest that you watch this event. If you can stomach it and enjoy it, it is safe to say that it is for you. Overall there were two, to many, death matches on the card. Having one or two helps to make them special and an event like this once a year is exciting. But, it should not be the norm. The story of Colon defending his TOS 4 title in this manner was exciting. It also did a good job setting up 44OH as a heel faction further. The Colon and Shlak match will be forever burned in my memory, it is a must see match in my opinion. 


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