VIP AUDIO 10/3 – WKH – 10 & 15 Yrs Ago Hotlines + SD Viewership Analysis: Raw Review, SD Review, Torch Top 50 Draft Pick Analysis, Ask the Editor on Taker-Abyss, Raw’s channel switch, more (203 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Wade Keller Hotline, we flash back to two WKH’s from 15 years ago this week and seven WKH’s from 10 years ago this week…


09/23/2005 – Wade Keller Hotline: Nash agreeing to terms with TNA, latest on Waltman, Dixie Carter speaks about Spike deal, Raw Exposed notes, Bound for Glory line-up, Raw’s imminent switch (30 min.): SHOW PREVIEW: In today’s Keller Audio Update, a look at the announced matches for TNA Bound for Glory and the opening match on the Oct. 1 Spike TV debut of TNA Impact. Notes on Kevin Nash agreeing to terms with more on the details of that situation, plus the very latest on Sean Waltman, whether WWE can mention USA on Raw this Monday, what ratings expectations are for the big Oct. 1-3 weekend, Dixie Carter talks about developing relationship with Spike, Raw Exposed notes, and Matt Hardy lets everyone know he’s happy personally and professionally…

9-28-2005 – Wade Keller Hotline: Insider details on Spike TV censors battling WWE during last live airing of Raw, who was upset, plus backstage news on TNA’s first Spike TV tapings (30 min.): SHOW PREVIEW: In today’s Keller Audio Update, an in-depth look including insider details on what went down between Spike TV and WWE on Monday night. What about WWE’s spin today makes sense, and where are there major holes? Why are top Spike TV officials upset, and with whom? What are clues that give away the gameplans of each party, and what are both sides saying behind the scenes about the situation? More details than you’ll find anywhere else regarding this situation – nearly 25 minutes dedicated to in-depth insight, details, and analysis of the controversy. Then, backstage news on TNA’s Impact tapings and thoughts on the first taping and the star power presented.


9/28/2010 – Wade Keller Hotline – The News: Raw rating again below 3.0 up against one of highest rated NFL games in history, what can spark Raw? (16 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline featurs his look at the news of the day primarily focused on the breaking news of Raw once again coming in under 3.0 with a 2.37 rating and dips across all key demos other than teens. Up against one of the highest rated Monday Night Football games ever, WWE shows viewer loyalty sagging badly. More details on numbers and ideas on how to fix it.

9/29/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – The News: Raw ratings dip perspective, when Raw ratings rose up against stiffer ESPN competition last year, Jim Ross and Hulk Hogan medical updates, Ziggler, Smackdown (16 min.):  This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his look at the news of the day including a clarification and correction on yesterday’s ratings dip, more perspective including the Raw ratings increase last year up against an even stronger football game on ESPN, plus notes on Dolph Ziggler, Hulk Hogan, Jim Ross, NXT, Smackdown on SyFy, and more.

9/30/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – The News: A very convenient day for WWE to appreciate their fans in Connecticut, Christian, Anderson, Nowinski, NXT, minimum wage, and more (15 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his look at the news of the day including Linda McMahon stepping in a cow pie regarding minimum wage, Mr. Anderson talks about his bitterness toward WWE after his release, Christian talks about his first surgery, Chris Nowinski says good things about WWE’s concussion policy, a very convenient time for the McMahons to show appreciation to Connecticut’s fans, NXT’s dismal ratings continue, and more.

10/1/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – Smackdown: In-depth review of disappointing final push to Hell in a Cell, a show that presented several of WWE’s typical booking failures that reoccur in their formula lately (20 min.):  This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his review of tonight’s live Smackdown debut on SyFy. He walks through the entire show, pointing out good examples of where WWE’s booking techniques lately are commonly failing to build feuds well and sell the idea of paying to see matches on PPV.

10/2/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – Ask the Editor: The difference between Undertaker’s supernatural angles and Abyss’s psychopath storylines in TNA, will national promotion ever get serious about women’s wrestling (14 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features the “Ask the Editor” format with questions on whether a national wrestling group will ever feature women’s wrestling in a money-spot again or women vs. men and whether there’s hope for a Gail Kim Push, plus what makes what Undertaker does okay storyline-wise, but not what TNA does with Abyss from a realism standpoint.

10/3/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – Draft Analysis: The PWTorch editor’s thoughts on the readers’ top 50 draft picks – who was too high, who was too low, what are the pros and cons of top picks, a look at 2005 results (20 min.):  This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features the PWTorch editor’s thoughts on how the readers did in this year’s Fantasy Draft. He walks through the top 50 picks this year and analyzes the pros and cons of each wrestlers as a top ten pick, who should have been higher, who should have been lower, his two versions of a top ten list, and comparisons to some 2005 draft picks.

10/4/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – WWE Raw: Full analysis of a comeback show as the Cena-Nexus storyline develops, plus Edge dealt, Goldust in a real angle on Raw, Bragging Rights developments (32 min.):  This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features analysis of tonight’s Raw including a lot of major fallout from Hell in a Cell with John Cena joining Nexus. Also, a real angle involving Goldust on Raw, Edge being dealt to Smackdown, Bragging Rights’ top matches set up, and more. This was a comeback edition for WWE that should regenerate some interest in the product as long as fans care about Barrett or Cena.



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