IMPACT WRESTLING HITS & MISSES 12/1: Motor City Machine Guns vs. XXXL, Shamrock suspended, Bey vs. Mack, All Ego on full display, Crazzy Steve vs. Rohit Raju, more

By Javier Machado, PWTorch contributor


•Final impact – HIT

This was a solid show, albeit barely. It mainly served to set up storylines for the upcoming Final Resolution special in December and the Hard to Kill PPV in January. There were a few matches set up for next week that I’m looking forward to (Myers and TJP mainly). Also, next week, there is going to be something from AEW’s new champion, Kenny Omega (likely a taped segment tagged on to the show, but still.)

•Motor City Machine Guns vs. XXXL – HIT

Gods, Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin are so good in the ring together. This was a fun match and the first stop on Shelly and Sabin’s road to the title as they sought revenge for an unwarranted attack from Larry D and Acey Romero. I loved Madison Rayne wondering why Larry D was not incarcerated (his alter ego, Laurence D was the man who shot John E. Bravo) and Josh Mathews just shrugging it off. After defeating XXL, the Motor City Machine Gun’s next stop heads North.

Later Tommy Dreamer, this time pretending to be a cop, tried taking Larry D “downtown” to be investigated for his alleged crime. Larry D knocked out Dreamer. John E. Bravo returned to the scene and overacted his reaction in a callback to Dreamer’s overacting at the wedding. That last bit was a nice touch.

•Ken Shamrock suspended – MISS

We reheated an old feud like Thanksgiving leftovers and it just doesn’t taste the same. Back to Callihan versus Edwards we go (REMEMBER THE BAT!!! WE CAN STILL MILK MORE MILEAGE FROM IT!!!). Adding the antediluvian Shamrock into the mix doesn’t help build my excitement. Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock are stopped from entering the building by security and Scott D’Amore who informs them that Shamrock is suspended for thirty days.

•Renee Michelle & Killer Kelly vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz, Impact Knockout Tag-Team Championship Tournament match – HIT

This was a fine match. I like Killer Kelly and while I have no knowledge of Renee Michelle she was fine here. I am glad Jazz made Impact a stop on her retirement tour. It should come as no surprise the Jordynne Grace and Jazz win to advance in the tournament and now they face Havok and Nevaeh.

•“All Ego” on full display – HIT:

Ethan Page lets loose, admitting the poorly held secret that it was him who took out Doc Gallows. He challenged Karl Anderson to a match at Final Resolution, and if Page wins, the North get a rematch for the tag team titles. Josh Alexander was in the background, clearly frustrated with Page. Methinks the North’s days are numbered. Later, Karl Anderson accepted, and he may have hinted at having backup (is it too early to speculate Omega?)

•“Lish” loses it – HIT

Tennille Dashwood and Kaleb (with a “K”) see Alisha Edwards and launch into one of their “social-media-influencer” spiels, but Alisha wasn’t listening to them. Instead she was stalking Sami Callihan and jumped him, losing her mind. As the segment started my mind was set to receive some mild comedic banter but nope, things suddenly ramped up a notch and Tennille and Kaleb with a “K” bailed almost as is they realized they had walked onto the wrong set.

•Johnny Swinger vs. Cody Deaner – MISS

Cody Deaner is still trying to avenge his loss to Johnny but his quest will have to continue as the match was called off when Eric Young and Joe Doering hit the ring to murder everybody… again. Eric Young got the mic and said a lot with little substance. I’m past ready for whatever EY is doing to move to the next stage.

•Cody Deaner explodes – (provisional) HIT

Normally I lump pre- and post-match stuff into one entry but Cody Deaner’s performance merits special mention. He takes a serious turn, frustrated by the disrespect Eric Young has shown him these last weeks. He admits things are personal for him since he and EY have history going back to Cody’s time training to be a wrestler. If this is leading to a more serious program for the Deaners, I’m curious to see what they can do.

•A trap for Su Yung – HIT

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee made a deal with Father James Mitchell to trap Su Yung in her “Susie” persona for a payment to be named later (Kimber Lee is sooo #$%@ed). The problem is that Father Mitchell needs Su Yung, so Deanna and Kimber go out to the ring to call Su out. They succeed and the combined forces of Kimber, Deonna, and the undead bridesmaids under Father Mitchell’s control are able to capture Su Yung, thanks to Deonna forcing Su Yung to swallow her own poison mist and hitting her with La Cosa Nostra (Josh, learn the names of the #$%@ing moves). Now Su Yung is in the hands of Father James Mitchell… a terrifying thought.

•Crazzy Steve vs. Rohit Raju – Impact X Division Championship match – HIT

The incandescent Indian Idol, Rohit Raju stuns again by getting and easy victory over the duplicitous Crazzy Steve who stole a victory last week when he dressed as Suicide, forcing this championship match. (Forget Larry D, Steve is the one who should be arrested for highway robbery). But, no matter, Steve is now in Rohit’s rearview mirror after he beat him IN A PERFECTLY CLEAN FINISH. Later, TJP commiserated with Crazzy Steve, and the miserable Brian Myers showed up to belittle the two. TJP challenged Myers to a match I find myself, surprisingly, looking forward to.

•Do people not know how money works? – HIT

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan celebrated not only their success in the tag team tournament, but their ill-gotten wad of money too. They were thinking of buying matching Lambo’s. I think they’ll need a much bigger wad for a Lamborghini. But, at least, they were the first people after the “precious” to have any intent of spending it (It’s previous owners Rhino, Heath, and Bahh just holding on to it). Fallah Bahh appeared and accused them of stealing the money and demanded it back. The women denied having it as they played keep away with the wad, promising Bahh they’ll have it next week. Then Johnny Swinger showed up to bark up the wrong tree and Keira and Tasha reacted in their inimitable way.

•Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack – HIT

Earlier in the show, Moose confronted Chris Bey in the back and it’s the first time since his feud with EC3 that Moose actually felt like a true danger, so props to him for that. The match was good, I was interested in how these two matched up and they gave a solid performance. Bey lost but after the match he had the last laugh. Moose came out to continue punishing Willie Mack, but this time (finally) Rich Swann came out for the save. However, Swann took his eye off of Bey who hit him with his Art of Finesse setting the stage for their inevitable confrontation.

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