NXT UK HITS & MISSES 7/15: Walter and Dragunov brawl, Bate vs. Coffey deliver, more


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In-Ring Segment Between Walter & Dragunov – HIT

The show opens up with Triple H speaking on the past Walter vs Dragunov match from last year that was an instant classic and the best match of NXT UK so far. He also mentions how this was a long-awaited rematch that will take place next week. This was like a press conference where they had media members outside the ring asking the question. This made the match feel “Big Time.” The question of the segment was asked to Dragunov. “How did the last match affected you afterward?” This took him down the timeline on how it broke him down and made him rebuild himself. This was a great segment for them and the NXT UK as a whole.

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs Teoman & Rohan Raja – PUSH

Today’s tag match is a match they have been setting up for the past few weeks. With that being said they have also added in the story of a new relationship between Teoman and Rohan Raja. Seem like they build up the two under a new unit/family called Bobo. Looks like this comes from Teoman taking out Raja in his first match where Raja wouldn’t tap out so Teoman snaps his arm instead. Now with the match, it was well wrestled between both teams. It could’ve been built up for a week, so we could get more of the backstory than having it all said to us during the match itself. Teoman and Rohan Raja got the win, but this seems like the start of the feud. A good match, just too much information being giving at one time, which is why it’s a push for me.

Amale vs Meiko Satomura – HIT

Any time you can see the Final Boss in the ring and putting in work, it’s must watch stuff. They have built up Amale as a wild card who doesn’t mind doing whatever to get the job done. The match started slowly where Meiko did a lot of groundwork and grappling. This made Amale start getting a little dirty and aggressive. As the match went on you see Amale start getting more aggressive and losing control of her emotions. Meiko withstood the early fury of Amale and came back, turning the match into a strong style striking match. Both women started giving each other strong strikes and it looked like they were beating the hell out of each other. This lead Meiko taking the lead and hitting the Final Rising for the win. A good strong style match with nice striking from both women.

Mark Coffey vs Tyler Bate – HIT

The main event of the show was a Heritage Cup title match. Since Tyler Bate has won the Heritage Cup, we have seen a refocused Bate. For Mark Coffey, he came for the match because of a faction rivalry with fellow tag partner & faction mate in Gallus Wolfgang. He was first to earn this match against Bate. With the rules of the Heritage Cup, this match was wrestled slowly since you have rounds and a time limit of three minutes in each round. The first round was slow, but the first fall came one minute into the second round with Bate picking the one-up pin. After that, Mark Coffey started to pick up the pace and aggression. He picks up a quick and impressive fall himself in that next round. This lead Bate to switch up his style and start being more hard-hitting with Coffey. After round four, both guys beat each other until the time limit ran out. Bate came out in the last round and focused on trying to end it and got the Tyler Driver 94 for the win. At the end of the match, both guys showed respect for each other and Bate stood tall.

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