NXT UK HITS & MISSES 7/8: Frazer and Williams shine, a new feud brews with Trent Seven and Eddie Dennis, more


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Nathan Frazer vs. Kenny Williams – HIT

These guys are on two different paths, but have came up against each other. Frazer is the young gun who is trying to build his way on the brand and Williams who is trying to reset himself as a single wrestler who is going down a bad road. The match was high paced with a lot of back and forth action. Frazer had control early, then Williams took out his leg. After that, Frazer tried to fight back and did make a comeback until Williams went dirty. He picked up the win after that move.

Mark Andrews vs. Lewis Howley (One Half of Pretty Deadly) – HIT

This rivalry between Pretty Deadly and Subculture has been heating up the last few weeks. The match got off to a nice start early. Howley started grinding down Andrews and slowed down the pace. Andrews fought his way back to get a pin that had a visual three count, but the other half of Pretty Deadly got up on the apron. Then the rest of Subculture came to even it up and then Andrews pulled out the win.

Laura DiMatteo vs. Blair Davenport – HIT

The debut match of Blair Davenport — formerly known as Bea Priestley. This was a good match for her to debut with. She was able to show us a glimpse of what she can do in the ring. Overall, it was a quick squash match. I like everything about Davenport and the promo she cut after the match was great.

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis – HIT

A fast and hard-hitting start. Both Seven & Dennis came with fury to kick things off. Dennis took the lead in this match with the grounding and pounding on Seven. Seven tried to spark a comeback, but was stopped by Dennis every time he tried. In a pivotal part of the match, Dennis hit Seven with his 7 stretch which forced Seven to hit him with a last gasp clothesline. This allowed Seven to get back in control of the match, which brought out the rest of Symbiotics. They tried to help Dennis win, but Seven fought them off and hit Dennis with a Burning Hammer for the win. After the match the rest of Symbiotics jumped Seven until Tyler Bate made the save ending the show. A good match and a good start of a new feud.

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