AEW Dynamite viewership continues to surge, key demos beat Raw’s demo numbers from last week, key metrics

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


AEW Dynamite grew to one of its highest viewership numbers yet last night with 1.148 million viewers, up from 1.025 million last week, well above the 877,000 viewership average during the prior two weeks back in the regular timeslot after being preempted for five weeks to Friday and Saturday nights.

The total viewership number is the third highest ever. Only the premiere episode and the first episode unopposed by NXT drew better. While there’s often a focus on the 18-49 demographic because advertisers focus on that number, total viewership is important to AEW because there are fans 50 and over and under 18 who also buy PPVs and live event tickets.

The cable rating was 0.67, up from 0.65 last week and 0.60 the prior two weeks.

The surge in viewership coincides with AEW’s return to live touring with arenas full of fans.

This is potentially good news for WWE as they enter their second week of Smackdown and Raw taking place in front of live fans. Both shows experienced an increase in viewership in their first shows back at arenas.

In the coveted 18-49 demographic, the show drew to a 0.44 rating, up from last week’s 0.40. The prior two weeks averaged 0.34. The 0.44 rating is tied with their first Wednesday unopposed by NXT on Apr. 14. (By comparison, Raw this week drew a 0.57 this week. This week’s AEW demo number tops last week’s Raw 0.43.)

In the male 18-49 demographic, it drew to a 0.62, up from 0.55 last week and 0.45 the prior two weeks. (By comparison, Raw drew a 0.75 rating, but it beats Raw’s 0.51 rating last week.)

In the male 18-34 demographic, it drew a 0.26, the same as last week and above the 0.21 and 0.22 the prior two weeks. (By comparison, Raw drew 0.41 this week in that demo and 0.28 last week.)

We also have updated 3-day and 7-day totals for Dynamite. Last week’s 3-day viewership was 1.226 million, the highets since May 5. The 7-day total for the July 7 episode was 1.100 million, the second week in a row Dynamite drew more than a milion viewers after five weeks under that number. It had drawn more than a million viewers after seven days the first six weeks unopposed by NXT.

Dynamite was no. 1 on cable in the 18-49 demographic on Wednesday night.

4 Comments on AEW Dynamite viewership continues to surge, key demos beat Raw’s demo numbers from last week, key metrics

  1. This site has become quite sad. Headline: “Key demos beat Raw demos from last week”. Soooooo what I really need to know is how the key demo’s from this week’s Dynamite fared against Raw’s key demos from the second Monday in February. That will really tell us what the trends are. That is where the meat of the matter is. That is what we should be talking about. Jesus…..

  2. Sorry, phone autocorrect. You told me last week you weren’t a WWE apologist. Sorry about the poor autocorrect there. Come on, man, you’re rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Vince McMahon isn’t controlling creative. Writers who have no knowledge of wrestling at all are putting this out, man. Money in The Bank was outstanding, I admit that. Cena’s return was great. Let’s hope that continues. Both promotions doing well is the goal.

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