11/20 IMPACT WRESTLING TURNING POINT 2021 PPV REPORT: Moose vs. Edwards for the Impact World Championship, James vs. Martinez, more



NOVEMBER 20, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown

-Opening video package

(1) CHRIS SABIN vs. ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton)

After some initial action, Sabin clotheslined Ace over the top rope. Sabin caught Ace with a kick from the apron. Sabin got a two count after a crossbody block. Sabin put Ace in a chin lock. Ace gave Sabin a Russian Leg Sweep off the ropes. The momentum turned and Ace had the advantage. Sabin made a comeback, but Ace gave him a flying knee.

Ace followed up with a series of moves. Sabin gave Ace a jumping DDT. Sabin dropkicked Ace in the back. Sabin cradled Ace for a two count. Ace kicked Sabin. They kicked each other simultaneously and were on the mat. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Ace connected with a series of moves. Ace leg dropped Sabin off the top rope.

Sabin gave Ace a superplex. Fulton got on the apron and argued with the referee. Sabin dropkicked Ace in the corner. Sabin took out Fulton on the floor. Fulton threw a shirt into the ring. Fulton hit Sabin while the referee was distracted. Ace put on the “I Beat Chris Sabin” shirt, but got caught with the Cradle Shock and Sabin got the pin.

WINNER: Chris Sabin in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Excellent way to start the show. These two work very well together and the match got the fans engaged in the action.)

-Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown appeared on camera at ringside and ran down the matches for the rest of the show.


Rhino challenged Eric to start the match, but Doering started instead. They traded punches. Heath tagged in and got back into the corner. Eric tagged in but kept Heath from tagging Rhino. Heath stomped Doering. Deaner caused a distraction at ringside and the referee threw him out. Doering leveled Heath.

Doering choked Heath over the middle rope. Eric stomped Heath. Doering dropped an elbow on Heath. Fans chanted for Heath. Eric gave Heath an elbow drop. Heath evaded Eric, but Eric kept him from making a tag. Heath and Doering exchanged punches. Heath finally made the hot tag. Rhino and Eric squared off. Rhino clotheslined Eric and backdropped him.

Rhino suplexed Eric. All four wrestlers got in the ring. Eric hit Rhino with the hockey mask and got the pin.

WINNERS: Eric Young & Joe Doering in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match that told the story of Violent By Design trying to avoid Rhino. It was kept short and the fans were into it. This feud will continue.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards backstage. Eddie said that he and Moose have a long history together. Eddie said he has been in Moose’s shoes as champion. He said that Moose has done terrible things but he will pay tonight at the hands of the new Impact World Champion.

(3) RICH SWANN (w/Willie Mack) vs. VSK (w/Zicky Dice)

Striker said that Myers wasn’t medically cleared to compete, so VSK was taking his place. Swann got the early advantage. Swann missed a senton to the floor. VSK ran Swann into the ring steps and the ramp. VSK had the upper hand when the action returned to the ring. Swann and VSK exchanged strikes.

VSK gave Swann a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. VSK twisted Swann’s neck. Swann gave VSK a series of punches and a neckbreaker. Swann followed up with kicks and a splash. Mack clotheslined Dice on the outside. VSK scored a two count after a unique X Factor type move. VSK gave Swann a backbreaker and a backstabber for a two count.

Swann came back with a cutter and a splash for a two count. Swann came back with another kick. He followed with the Phoenix Splash for the win.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 6:00.

(D.L.s Take: A short, crowd-pleasing match. Both wrestlers were able to show off their move set.)

-Video package covering the Matt Cardona and Moose feud.


Morrissey used his strength to throw Cardona. Cardona fired back with punches. Cardona dropkicked Morrissey to the floor and gave him a neckbreaker on the outside. Morrissey caught Cardona on the outside and swung him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Morrissey choked Cardona on the ropes.

Morrissey booted Cardona to the floor. Morrissey pounced on Cardona and punched him. Morrissey twisted Cardona’s neck. Cardona dropkicked Morrissey from the ropes. Cardona made a comeback but Morrissey threw him to the mat. The action went to the floor and Morrissey drove Cardona into a ring post then choke slammed him.

Morrissey knocked Cardona into the referee. Cardona got the Radio Silence on Morrissey but the ref was still down. Moose got in the ring and speared Cardona. Morrissey got the pin. The announcers noted it’s the second time that Moose has taken an opportunity away from Cardona.

WINNER: W. Morrissey in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Solid match. Interesting twist at the end with a brewing feud between Moose and Cardona. Despite the loss, it seems like they are setting Cardona up for bigger things.)

-Recap package on the IInspiration vs. Decay feud.

(5) THE IINSPIRATION (Jessie McKay & Cassie Lee) (c) vs. DECAY (Rosemary & Havok)– Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title match

Rosemary attacked Jessie at the start. The action quickly spilled to the floor and all four wrestlers fought at ringside, with Decay getting the better of it. Striker said that The IInspiration’s outfits looked like they raided Harlem Heat’s closet, which was accurate. Decay double teamed Lee. Lee gave Havok an arm breaker.

Jessie stomped and punched Havok. Jessie put Havok in an armlock. The IInspiration continued to work on Havok’s arm. Rosemary tagged in and went wild on Jessie, but the referee didn’t see the tag and made her leave. Rosemary tagged back in and took on the IInspiration by herself. Rosemary put Jessie in a Muta Lock submission.

Jessie pulled the hair to get out of the hold. Lee caught Rosemary with a kick. Rosemary suplexed Lee. Havok tagged in and got a two count on Lee. Jessie ran Havok into the ring post on the outside. The IInspiration double teamed Rosemary and powerbombed her on the floor. Havok gave Jessie a Samoan Drop.

The IInspiration double teamed Havok and Jessie pinned Havok while she had her feet on the ropes.

WINNERS: The IInspiration in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This went a little long, but it was fine for what it was. Looks like the end of the feud and it will be interesting to see who emerges as the next challengers for The IInspiration.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Chris Sabin. Sabin loudly said “I beat Ace Austin!” Sabin held the shirt that Ace was wearing. He remade the shirt to say “I AM Chris Sabin”.

-Video package on the X Division feud.

(6) TREY MIGUEL (c) vs. STEVE MACLIN vs. LAREDO KID– Impact Wrestling X Division Title match

All three wrestlers brawled at the start. Maclin dove on Trey on the outside. Kid hit Maclin with a 450 splash on the floor. The action went to the floor with all three wrestlers exchanging offense. Maclin stomped Kid. Trey landed a dive on Maclin. Back in the ring, Maclin took Trey to the mat and gave him a backbreaker.

Kid gave Maclin a neckbreaker. Maclin powerbombed Kid onto the apron. Maclin power slammed Kid onto Trey. Trey and Kid double teamed Maclin. Trey and Kid exchanged punches. Kid gave Trey a Spanish Fly. Kid went for a 450 splash but Maclin got his knees up. Maclin got the Mayhem for All on Kid, but Trey hit the meteora on Maclin. Trey pinned them both, Maclin got his shoulder up, but Kid didn’t, so Trey got the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Fast paced X Division action. This match delivered and all three wrestlers had a chance to shine. The finish was unique. Maclin had an out, so he may still be in the title picture.)

-Video package on the Mickie James vs. Mercedes Martinez feud.

(7) MICKIE JAMES vs. MERCEDES MARTINEZ – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match

Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. They wrestled on the mat early. Mercedes put Mickie in a chin lock. Mercedes chopped Mickie. Mickie kicked Mercedes and got a two count. Mercedes gave Mickie a buckle bomb. Mercedes choked Mickie over the ropes and punched her. Mickie put Mercedes in an armlock.

Mickie gave Mercedes a series of kicks. Mercedes gave Mickie an Air Raid Crash. Mercedes suplexed Mickie. Mercedes suplexed Mickie from the top rope. Mercedes put Mercedes in a surfboard and Dragon Sleeper, but Mickie got out. Mickie gave Mercedes a short DDT. Mickie gave Mercedes the leaping DDT and got the win.

WINNER: Mickie James in 10:00.

Immediately after the match, Deonna Purrazzo ran in the ring and put Mickie in an armlock, followed by a piledriver. Deonna took the mic and said that she wanted her title rematch at the Hard To Kill PPV. She threw the belt on Mickie.

(D.L.’s Take: A solid match between two pros. Deonna predictably ran in after the finish to set up the next title match at the PPV.)

-Backstage, Scott D’Amore told Gia Miller that the title match was official at Hard To Kill. He said that Impact likes to be ahead of the curve. He said for the first time ever, they were having a Knockouts Ultimate X Match at Hard To Kill to determine a number one contender for the Knockouts Title.

-Video package on The Good Brothers vs. Bullet Club feud.

(8) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)(c) vs. BULLET CLUB (Chris Bey & Hikuleo)- Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title match

Bey and Anderson started the match with an exchange of moves. Bey dropkicked Doc. Hikuleo head butted Doc. Doc slammed Bey. The Good Brothers tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Bey. Hikuleo ran Anderson into the ring post on the outside. Back in the ring, Hikuleo splashed Anderson in the corner.

Bey had Anderson in a headlock on the mat. Anderson gave Bey a spinebuster. Hikuleo and Doc brawled and took each other to the mat. Bey dropkicked Anderson from the ropes. Doc and Hikuleo brawled on the floor. Doc punched Bey from the outside. Anderson pinned Bey for the win.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A basic tag match and they kept it short. It looks like the Good Brothers are moving on to other challengers).

Striker and D’Lo promoted Throwback Throwdown on December 18th.

-Josh Alexander walked to the ring. He took the mic and talked about beating Minoru Suzuki. He said he should be happy but he’s not. Alexander talked about Scott D’Amore telling him to keep his emotions in check. He said he was angry he wasn’t challenging for the belt tonight. Fans chanted “Hard To Kill”.

Alexander said he would sit in the front row for tonight’s title match. He said he would get his hands on Moose and regain the title. Music played. The name Jonah appeared on the screen. Jonah (formerly Bronson Reed in NXT) attacked Josh from behind. Jonah gave Alexander a series of sentons and a splash off the top rope.

Security ran down, but Jonah threw them out. Alexander had blood coming from his mouth. Jonah walked up the ramp. Jonah looked back then ran to the ring and splashed Alexander again from the top rope. Jonah dipped his finger in Alexander’s blood and smeared it on his shirt.

-Video package on the Moose vs. Eddie Edwards feud.

(9) MOOSE (c) vs. EDDIE EDWARDS- Impact Wrestling World Title match

This was a Full Metal Mayhem match. Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. Moose and Eddie brawled at the start. Eddie gave Moose a German Suplex but Moose got right up. Eddie backdropped Moose onto a table that was set up on the outside. Eddie hit Moose with a metal garbage can.

Moose hit Eddie with a tray. Eddie dove on Moose on the ramp. Eddie hit Moose with a tray twice. Moose powerbombed Eddie on the ramp. Moose and Eddie fought on the ring apron. Eddie gave Moose a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron. Eddie threw a chair on Moose. Moose powerbombed Eddie on the apron, then threw a table.

At this point, there was a glitch with Impact Plus that kept replaying the table spot. When the action resumed, Moose and Eddie were in the ring and had pulled back the ring mat to expose the wood. Moose choke slammed Eddie on the wood. Moose speared Eddie and got the win.

WINNER: Moose.

(D.L.’s Take: A good brawl with lots of big moves. The pacing was such that the high impact moves had a chance to settle in and register.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A decent night of wrestling but nothing that was must-see. The debut of Jonah was a cool surprise and his matches with Josh Alexander should be good. The best matches of the night were Sabin vs. Ace, Mickie vs. Mercedes, and the main event. The timing of the technical glitch in the main event was unfortunate.

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