HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 1/5: Bryan Danielson and Adam Page concoct a classic to kickoff Dynamite’s TBS era


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This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-60 minute draw … hold my beer. The Bryan Danielson vs. Adam Page AEW World Championship rematch that opened the Dynamite premiere on TBS was a near perfect next step in terms of story. Both men set out to have an entirely different match than their first, while keeping psychological elements and narrative points consistent. They succeeded. The match was fresh, intense, and definitively gave Adam Page a significant win to kick-start his title run. A great match, but also great business as well.

-We’re all going to remember this C.M. Punk vs. MJF feud for quite awhile. They were brilliant this week and carefully executed an angle that progressed their story in an authentic way. MJF was despicable and Punk countered that with an aggressive tone and mission statement. Punk vs. Wardlow will be intriguing given the Wardlow/MJF dissension teased throughout the last few weeks. Two stories collide together in that one.

-Nothing wrong with Chris Jericho vs. the 2point0 crew, but it just seems a little beneath Jericho at this point. 2point0 are essentially a jobber group and if this short feud is used to get Jericho a quick rehabilitation win, fine. Anything more than that and you have to wonder what Jericho’s long-term in-ring future is with AEW.

-Adam Cole vs. Jake Atlas? I don’t know, folks. The wait and see approach with Adam Cole is getting awfully frustrating. There are so many top stars for Cole to work with in AEW and he isn’t lined up with any of them.

-The Wardlow power bomb fests are becoming can’t miss television – just insane power on display. As long as he doesn’t try to do too much or over complicate the act, 2022 will be a signature year for his career.

-Jade Cargill is the first ever TBS Champion. She had her best match to date to claim that prize as well. Cargill has been pushed strongly since her debut, so this is a nice cherry on top of that momentum. It will be interesting to see what she brings to the table as champion and how this belt will differ from it’s TNT Championship counterpart in the men’s division. You could have made a case for either Soho or Cargill here, but going with Jade gives her character something to heavily lean into each week. Smart booking.

-Damn, good to hear from you Serena Deeb. I honestly didn’t think Deeb had that type of promo in her. More please!

-Malaki Black’s Black Mass is such a fun finisher. It’s difficult not to have a babyface reaction to it. Black is in need of some definition. The Cody program didn’t do him any favors and he could use another upper mid-card opponent to wash that stench away. Darby Allin? Adam Cole? Sammy? All good possibilities, though Pac looks like he’s on deck next.

-The Hook Rampage graphic got a top five pop of the night. Very telling.

-Hopefully Fenix is ok after a phenomenal looking, but brutal choke slam through a table. Ouch. Jurassic Express vs. Lucha Brothers was a very good match and directly in line with the type of tag team match that AEW is known for — lots of action, pace, and spots, but lacking in story and you know, following rules. Going with Jurassic Express was the right move and a signature way to end the TBS premiere of Dynamite.

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