WWE P.R. – 25 Fun Facts on Undertaker’s 25 Years

November 22, 2015

Sunday marks the exact date of The Undertaker’s WWF/E debut at the 1990 Survivor Series on November 22, 1990. To commemorate the event, WWE issued a press release with “25 Phenomenal Facts as WWE celebrates Undertaker’s […]

WWE Q3 Coverage: Latest WWE Earnings Reports

November 21, 2015

The following is a full list of WWE Third Quarter 2015 financials coverage, including break downs of the overall business picture, key revenue segments, and WWE management’s quarterly conference call. – Main Article: Quarterly Overview […]

Sat. Torch Today – Huge night of wrestling, Storm to WWE?, Angle Q&A – Benoit & HBK & Brock’s SSP, disappearing PPV odds, new Rumble favorite, DiBiase speaking at church, TV Ratings shift, NJPW kicks off World Tag, AJPW star leaving, Dick the Bruiser, more

November 21, 2015

TORCH TODAY – Saturday, November 21 – The countdown to Survivor Series is one day away. Oddly-enough, there are no betting lines for the PPV. Perhaps because of the tournament, unknown opponents for Undertaker & […]

A.J. Lee signs big book deal for 2017 release

November 21, 2015

Former WWE Divas champion A.J. Lee, the wife of “C.M. Punk” Phil Brooks, has a new book deal to tell the story of her life and wrestling career. A.J.’s book, “Crazy is My Superpower,” is […]

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