VIP AUDIO 2/8 – PWTorch Dailycast – The Deep…Dive (AD-FREE): Double Dive – Doc Bruce chats his experience as an Asian-American wrestling fan, his recent ode to Mia Yim, more, then Heather Bandenburg talks her book “Unladylike: A Grrrl’s Guide to Wrestling,” CHER, more (76 min)

WKPWP - Mailbag w/Keller & Powell talking Goldberg win, Velveteen Dream's character, NWA Squared, AEW on WrestleMania weekend, more
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SHOW SUMMARY: This week, Doc Bruce (@B_Lee253) joins to discuss being an Asian-American wrestling fan for the past 25 years, his view on wrestling as a scholar and a fan, and what can be done to make things better in the landscape. Bruce and Rich also talk about Bruce’s recent article in Daily DDT, where he focuses on Mia Yim and her status as a Blasian Baddie. As a bonus, we start our Deep Dive into Women Love Wrestling with contributor Heather Bandenburg. Heather chats about how she got into wrestling at age 21, adding it to her passions of stand-up comedy and Cher(!) – and Heather’s transformation into a wrestler herself! Heather also talks about her book, “Unladylike: A Grrrl’s Guide to Wrestling,” and the World of Wrestling Books, which chronicles her move not only into fandom, but fighting ovarian cancer, and how this journey has affected her outside of wrestling as well. We close talking the idea of masculinity and femininity and beauty in wrestling being behind the times, and conversations with Cara Noir and his journey through navigating those questions in the ring, issues with representation at wrestling shows in terms of gimmicks given, and Heather’s kiddo puts Melissa into “those were the days” nostalgia.



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