VIP AUDIO 12/11 – Bruce Mitchell Audio Show w/Keller, pt. 1 of 2: Triple H’s NXT Conference, Reigns-Sheamus segment, Eva-Bayley (56 min)

December 11, 2015

SUMMARY: In today’s new Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, pt. 1 of 1, Bruce gives his perspective on some talking points by Triple H in his NXT conference call yesterday, the recent Eva Marie challenge of Bayley for the NXT Title, and NXT’s relationship with WWE’s main roster. Also his reaction to the debacle of a 20 minute segment with Roman Reigns and Sheamus on Monday, and how Sunday’s title match in a way is a lose-lose situation for Roman. Plus of course a mention of Connor McGreggor and what he projects that WWE just can’t seem to stay out of the way of when it comes to it’s alpha-charismatic characters. […]

VIP AUDIO 12/09 – The Fix w/Todd Martin, pt. 2 of 2: TLC preview, NXT, UFC weekend mega-preview (41 min)

December 9, 2015

SHOW SUMMARY: In this week’s episode of The Fix with PWTorch columnist Todd Martin hosted by PWTorch editor Wade Keller (pt. 2 of 2), they preview the TLC line-up, review top stories out of NXT’s latest show, touch on Lucha Underground, and a very enthusiastic preview of a big UFC weekend that Martin is present in Las Vegas to cover in person including the long-awaited Connor McGreggor vs. Jose Aldo fight. […]

Ladder match announced for TLC PPV

December 4, 2015

WWE announced during Thursday’s Smackdown episode that the Tag Title match at the TLC PPV will be contested as a ladder match. New Day will be defending against the Lucha Dragons and The Usos. With […]

TLC PPV Main Event announced

November 23, 2015

WWE announced Monday during Raw that Roman Reigns will get his WWE Title re-match against Sheamus at the TLC PPV in three weeks. The match will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match fitting the […]

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