3/29 WWE Network Special Report – “Legends with JBL” Michael Hayes Interview – Hayes talks wrestling career, Mark Henry incident, what he’s learned from his past, grateful to be alive, Rise & Fall of Texas Wrestling, Freebirds, Von Erichs, theory on Gino Hernandez’s death, next big stars, more

March 29, 2016

WWE Network Special Report “Legends with JBL” Guest: 2016 WWE Hall of Famer Michael P.S. Hayes Premiere Date: March 29, 2016 The latest edition of JBL’s sit-down interview series featured Michael Hayes on the week […]

Report – WWE to open physical Hall of Fame

March 8, 2016

WWE will reportedly open a physical Hall of Fame/restaurant/attraction in Orlando coinciding with WrestleMania 33 next year. According to Attractions Management, WWE is planning to take over the “NBA City” location at Universal Studios in Orlando […]

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