PWPodcasts – The Making of TNA star Aiden O’Shea


TNA wrestler Aiden O’Shea (formerly Jay Bradley) offered exclusive insight on how his new gimmick was formulated in an interview on the Wednesday PWTorch Livecast with Pat McNeill.

Bradley said the O’Shea character was a brainstorm between him and Billy Corgan. Billy, who worked with Bradley at Revolution Pro out of Chicago, wanted him back in the company and went to TNA management to bring him in.

Everyone involved looked at what they could do differently with his character – while keeping his ring work and promo work relatively the same – but with a “different paint job.”

The inspiration was “Fight Club” and his Irish heritage as a backdrop (working class Irish is a big part of Southside Chicago).

After TNA executive John Gaburick saw the footage, they brought him back into the mix.

Full Recap of the Oct. 21 edition of the Livecast at

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