11/17 WWE on ESPNews – Charlotte interviewed on SportsCenter

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE on ESPNews SportsCenter Week 6
November 17, 2015
Guest: Divas champion Charlotte
Host: Jonathan Coachman

In the 9:00 p.m. EST hour of ESPNews’s “SportsCenter” broadcast on Tuesday night, Divas champion Charlotte joined The Coach for a five-minute interview segment.

Charlotte was mainly asked about her background, including growing up in the Ric Flair household. Charlotte said Ric was gone a lot but he “made up for it when he was home.”

Charlotte noted that she had zero thoughts about entering the wrestling business in high school when she was a cheerleader and volleyball player.

Then, after college, she entered personal training. She then decided that she wanted to impact more people. She said she was “definitely scared” going to NXT because she “never pictured myself as a ‘WWE Diva.'”

The discussion shifted to present-day WWE, where Charlotte is Divas champion. Charlotte said she wants to link up with Ronda Rousey, Serena Williams, and the U.S. Women’s soccer team representing “strong, passionate women,” so it “means a lot” being given the nod from WWE to be top champion.

Coach asked Charlotte if she would still welcome Rousey to WWE despite her UFC 193 loss on Saturday. Charlotte said she would absolutely welcome Rousey to WWE and she does not see her any differently after the loss.

Charlotte said she’s proud of Rousey and wants to see her come back and overcome the big loss.

Coach briefly mentioned Charlotte’s Divas Title defense against Paige at the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday.

Before Charlotte’s interview, ESPNews aired a highlight package from Raw. Included was a brief clip of Paige setting off Charlotte in their promo exchange leading to a pull-apart brawl. The clip did not provide context on the comment about Reid Flair, trying to make the best of a situation where WWE used Charlotte’s dead brother to try to get heat on the heel, Paige.

Coach then went through his weekly awards segment. This week, Coach went through Survivor Series history, focusing on Ultimate Warrior’s 1989 squad, The Undertaker’s 1990 debut, the Montreal Screwjob in 1997, and The Rock turning heel after winning the WWF Title in 1998.

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