VIP AUDIO 2/6 – 10 YRS AGO Real Deal with Pat McNeill (12-13-05): Hot Five Stories including Joe vs. Styles classic, Lesnar-WWE legal battle, ROH (38 min)


SUMMARY: In today’s “Real Deal with Pat McNeill” VIP Audio Update, Pat presents his Hot Five Stories including TNA’s fantastic Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles match, Brock Lesnar’s legal battle with WWE, ROH’s final show of the year and Sunday’s WWE Armageddon pay-per-view. Also, all the latest wrestling news, including one of the top heels in Canadian history debuting for TNA, the rumored main event for Final Resolution, and a former TNA wrestler misses tonight’s Smackdown tapings after getting arrested. Plus, Torch readers vote for their favorite live match of 2005 in the Question of the Week, the INdy Lineup of the Week with Miyamoto and the SAT’s in Texas and Pat answers Listener Mail on the Randy Orton storyline and the WWE Diva Search.

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