VIP AUDIO 2/13 – 10 YRS AGO Real Deal with Pat McNeill (1-3-06): TNA vs. Impact Zone fans, Stacy Keibler, Lesnar, Indy Line-up of Week (45 min)


SUMMARY: In the first “Real Deal with Pat McNeill” VIP Audio Update of 2006, Pat presents his Hot Five Stories including the escalating battle between Impact Zone fans and TNA booking, Mark Henry’s return to Smackdown, more examples of storyline crossover between TNA and Ring of Honor, and Sunday’s big Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Also, all the latest wrestling news, including another former WCW employee turning up on “Dancing with the Stars” to battle Stacy Keibler, who’s gone from the TNA roster, and who showed up in Tokyo with Brock Lesnar. Plus the Indy Lineup of the Week with TNA and ROH talent in Ohio, a new Question of the Week about the Royal Rumble, and Listener Mail on “what’s in Pat’s wallet?”

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