VIP AUDIO 2/15 – 10 YRS AGO Caldwell Audio Show (1-7-06): Cena-Hunter, TNA vs. Fans, Vince as centerpiece on Raw, Henry’s return, Joe, Sting (44 min)


SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist James Caldwell discusses John Cena as champion, why WWE should stay the course with Cena, why anyone on the WWE roster would want to be John Cena, why Cena’s cheesy raps are effective, who could step into Cena’s role if he turned heel, the entire roster for potential top babyfaces, how Triple H can return to the glory days, why Triple H should return to the DX days, how WWE has compensated for the lack of a long-term storyline, why Vince McMahon has placed himself at the centerpiece of Raw, why the lack of a long-term storyline hurts Raw, Mark Henry’s unanticipated return, how TNA let the fans take control of the promotion, the ramifications of letting the fans control a promotion, the logically-challenged TNA Television shows, the Future of TNA with Sting, Samoa Joe as the Perfect Bastard, and more.

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