VIP AUDIO 2/23 – 10 YRS AGO Royal Rumble Preview (1-29-06): Caldwell & Fierros preview Rey quest to win, plus Rumble history (23 min)


SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist James Caldwell is joined by Torch specialist Octavio Fierros to discuss and preview the 2006 Royal Rumble using past Rumbles as a guide. Taking into account the 1991, 1996, and 1997 Rumbles, James and Octavio discuss Rey Mysterio’s quest for the title, the similarities between Rey’s quest and Shawn Michaels’s first title victory, how Triple H and Hulk Hogan relate, how Hogan was fit for a return to glory in 1991 with the right gimmick wheras Hunter doesn’t fit into today’s picture, WWE holding off on Steve Austin until the 1997 Rumble, how WWE can develop John Cena for a long-term run by holding him back, Austin-McMahon in 1997 and Michaels-McMahon in 2006, and more.

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