TUCKER’S Raw Instant Reaction – Live at Ringside for post-Summerslam Raw

By Ben Tucker, PWTorch specialist

WWE Raw logo (Photo credit Ben Tucker)


Instant Reaction – 8/22 WWE Raw
By Ben Tucker, Live from Ringside @BTuckerTorch

– Oscar for Zayn. Sami sold his foot like it was absolutely destroyed and I bought it. His selling was spectacular, down to slightly wiggling it and resting it on its side to make it seem as though it had been dislocated. He works the most sympathetic style on the roster and it’s a treat to see. Now is a big moment for Zayn, as he’s suddenly the automatic second-from-top babyface on the Raw roster.

Is Seth Unsafe? Seth Rollins is receiving a lot of flak for being part of injuries to several wrestlers (Sting, John Cena, himself, and now Finn Balor), with the likes of Bret Hart criticizing his in-ring work. I see it more as an indictment of the current high-impact wrestling style. Not every match needs to have dozens of slams and flips in it. It almost makes it worse as it creates more wear and tear on the talent while desensitizing the viewer. This string of injuries highlights how the top wrestlers of today will have minuscule shelf lives if they aren’t told to hold back for the safety of themselves and their opponents.

Enzo the Manager. Enzo Amore’s coming across more and more as a mouthpiece for Big Cass rather than an equal partner. His in-ring credibility is limited and being subjugated to ringside on Raw only furthers the perception that Cass is the only reason he’s here. It’s certainly a unique approach, but it feels like Cass is being pushed too soon.

Bayley Impresses. Bayley seemed more sure of herself on the mic than usual. I think she plays off Mick Foley very well as their semi-awkward vibes gel nicely.

Roman Back on Top. Yes, Roman Reign is back in the title scene. Yes, it needed to happen. Romo’s the only credible face on the roster right now, like it or not. Let’s just try to avoid having him kick out of six finishers every match, okay?

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