VIP AUDIO 4/5 – East Coast Cast #340: Travis Bryant & co-host Cameron Hawkins discuss six straight days of quality WWE programming, whether there will be a legal battle over Hardys gimmick, roster shake-up, more (173 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: On this episode of the ECC, the main topic is the six straight days of quality wrestling programming from WWE, starting with the HOF on Friday and ending with a good NXT show on Wednesday. Now that the Hardys are in WWE, will there be a legal battle over their gimmick or any of their mannerisms? The roster shake-up. Who is being moved, to where and why? Tons of speculation and possible moves and future feuds. Best and worst matches at WrestleMania. Why hasn’t someone really kicked the sh– out of JBL yet? Joey Styles put him on his ass once, but why is he allowed to be a bully with no ramifications, be they physical or otherwise? Calls, email, and plenty more.

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