VIP AUDIO 5/15 – The Fix w/Todd Martin (pt. 2 of 2): Mailbag on Bray Wyatt, Tony Deppen, Johnny Doyle, ROH’s future, AEW marketing itself directly against WWE, Goto’s future, Tom Magee, Lars Sullivan, Jim Barnett, more (78 min)

NOTE: Some of the language on The Fix may be NSFW.

SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, Todd answers mailbag questions on these topics: Was Jim Barnett’s move from the Indianapolis promotion to Australia prompted by the Kentucky football sex scandal? Was his partner Johnny Doyle involved in the shenanigans, or was he just strictly a business partner? What is Tony Deppen’s potential in this industry? Do you think Mario Milano was seriously considered as a possible Bruno replacement in 1971? Would a heel faction in WWE be good use of aimless mid-card heels? Is Michael Elgin on a path to NXT and then WWE’s main roster? Was Bray Wyatt’s “bohemian world views” comment a reference to Saudi Arabia controversy? How about AEW on Sunday nights before WWE PPVs? Will ROH ever achieve a higher peak than it already has and what would improve the ROH product? Were there metrics in Monday Night War that indicated how many fans were watching both Raw and Nitro and not just one or the other? How would you respond to stress of working in WWE on the creative team? A case for why Diesel’s WWE Title run not drawing wasn’t his fault? Is it too late for Goto to ever get a run at the top title? Should AEW focus solely on their own promotion and ignore WWE or should they kickstart their momentum as a brand by playing off the obvious rivalry with WWE? Why does WWE think that going to a commercial during every match is a good idea? Who do you guys think is coming for Juice Robinson and could it be Todd Martin? Was Tom Magee wearing red and yellow as an indication he was a replacement for Hulk Hogan in the WWF? A case for Earthquake being one of the greatest heels in WWF history? Is WWE fining Lars Sullivan even legal? Will WWE veterans who go to AEW have trouble taking orders from The Young Bucks or Cody Rhodes? What will ripple effect by on MMA if UFC interest drops while they’re on ESPN?



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