VIP AUDIO 8/14 – The Fix w/Todd Martin – Mailbag (pt. 2 of 2): Sasha-AEW, Backlund’s return, Orton talking to ref, King of Ring past and future, Ibushi, Hogan on Austin, Cabana-Punk, NJPW rules enforcement, Bret, managers, more

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NOTE: Some of the language on The Fix may be NSFW.

SHOW SUMMARY:In this episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, Todd tackles The Fix Mailbag covering these topics:

  • Would WWE have sued Chris Jericho if he hosted the C.M. Punk podcast interview instead of Colt Cabana?
  • Could Sasha Banks show up at an AEW show under a mask to get out of her WWE contract?
  • Why did the WWWF create fictional title matches for Buddy Rogers and Pat Patterson?
  • Why doesn’t Vince McMahon seem to embrace heel managers?
  • Why didn’t any other sports become fixed or a work like pro wrestling over the decades?
  • Which WWE wrestler most deserved to be on the Summerslam card who was left off?
  • Why didn’t WWE have Bret Hart come out in front of the fans at Summerslam?
  • Should New Japan have more consistent enforcement of a lot of their rules?
  • Why did Bob Backlund come back in the early 1990s and have a short title reign?
  • Why did Vince McMahon call up Kairi Sane given how he has utilized her on the main roster?
  • Can a title change hands by DQ in a two-out-of-three falls match?
  • Did you catch Randy Orton telling the ref to stop giving him time cues at Summerslam?
  • Is AEW tipping its hand who will become the first AEW World Champion based on future matches?
  • What happened to Eric Bugenhagen?
  • How can WWE say its smallest wrestlers are 205 pounds, which would make them UFC Light-Heavyweights?
  • What were New Japan’s shortcomings during its dark ages compared to WWE’s weaknesses today?
  • Who should be the centerpiece star of the AEW’s Women’s Division?
  • Who are your favorite King of the Ring winners?
  • Will New Japan have Kota Ibushi challenge both Okada and Naito for their titles at WrestleKingdom?
  • Are wrestlers these days overdoing it with selling how beat up they are after winning matches?
  • Who would most benefit from winning the King of the Ring tournament this year?
  • How did Hulk Hogan come across in the Steve Austin Podcast interview?
  • What is the background of New Japan announcers Rocky Romero and Chris Charlton?
  • Was miscommunication to blame for the initial fallout between Colt Cabana and C.M. Punk?



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