VIP AUDIO 5/29 – The Fix w/Todd Martin & Wade Keller (pt. 3 of 3): Mailbag on Omega-Nakamura comparison, Riddle-Fiend comparison, MTV’s The Challenge, Hawk, G1, Bret underrated, Jon Jones, Undertaker’s motivations, more (82 min)


NOTE: Some of the language on The Fix may be NSFW.

SHOW SUMMARY: In part three of this week’s The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, Todd answers Mailbag questions on the following topics…

  • Were the Road Warriors thelast of the territory traveling superstars? Could the Warriors have elevated the WWF Tag Team scene when they signed there in 1990?
  • What was the story with Hawk being chosen by Paul Heyman to be his headline singles act for the World Wrestling Network upstart out of Dallas?
  • Should AEW or NXT emulate MTV’s “The Challenge” once the current season ends to see if they can win over some of the highly-rated show’s viewers?
  • Isn’t Cody coming across as a heel now, or at least laying the groundwork to be a top heel in AEW?
  • A challenge to defend the Money in the Bank ladder match compared to AEW’s Stadium Stampede which received more criticism from Todd.
  • What is missing with Kenny Omega in AEW so far and is he at risk or becoming the Shinsuke Nakamura of AEW – big deal in Japan, coasting to a near standstill of mediocrity in the U.S.?
  • What could this year have looked like in New Japan for Toa Henare? How about Horomu Takahashi after his neck injury?
  • Who would be a likely contender coming out of The Best of the Super Juniors Tournament if it had taken place as originally scheduled?
  • Should the suicide death of Hana Kimura reframe how wrestlers portray themselves on social media and cut kayfabe completely?
  • Isn’t the hype for “The Greatest Match Ever” actually just a ploy for Randy Orton to ruin it by wrestling like a cheating brawling heel?
  • What’s the reason for there being 10+ matches per week on AEW Dark lately? Is it just to pad the records of top wrestlers?
  • What is the upside of Brian Cage in AEW and is his physique a detriment as so many will just think he’s “roided to the gills” and suspect AEW of not testing or caring about steroid abuse?
  • With the New Japan G1 scheduled for this September instead of July this year, who would you pick to win should they go ahead with the shows?
  • What is the status of single-event pay-per-view as a revenue-generator for MMA, boxing, and pro wrestling compared to streaming services instead, and how should AEW proceed in coming years?
  • -Where do you fall on the range between Jim Cornette wanting wrestling to be pure sport in its presentation and, say, invisible wrestling matches? And do you agree with MVP that a generation of fans growing up with superhero movies look at wrestlers and wrestling differently than a prior generation, and that should change how serious wrestling presents itself?
  • Does “The Last Ride” reveal that Undertaker is only wrestling for the money and pops and not anything having to do with legacy or performance?
  • What do you think of Jon Jones live Tweeting his negotiations with UFC?
  • Is MMA at risk of empty arena settings leading to shouting coaches having too much influence on how judges score the fights?
  • Is Bret Hart and the Hart family undervalued compared to Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, and Steve Austin?
  • What opinion do you hold in contrast to the prevailing thoughts by other wrestling pundits or what seems like a majority view on social media?
  • Could WWE Network have a negative impact on the entire wrestling industry because wrestling events are now perceived as being worthy no more than $10? Does that undercut WWE’s attempts to score a big contract to license their events to return to high-price-point single-buy PPVs?
  • What is the upside of The Fiend at this point, and should we be concerned about a Fiend-Matt Riddle feud? Can the Fiend change or expand the range of his current act?
  • Is AEW’s PPV schedule causing problems for the pace of their booking, since they seem to be at their best when they are building to a PPV and not just filling TV time with less serious approaches running wild?



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