VIP AUDIO 8/29 – WKH – 10 & 15 Yrs Ago Hotlines + New Ratings Update: NY Times reports on premature deaths of wrestlers, Jeff Hardy criticizes Matt, Linda comments on Cade’s death, Snow talks ECW, more (113 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Wade Keller Hotline, we flash back to a 15 years ago Wade Keller Hotline and then six WKH’s from 10 years ago this week. First, though, some notes on AEW Dynamite ratings from Thursday and WWE Friday Night Smackdown ratings last night. The summaries of each follow in the order they play on today’s Hotline…

8/30/2005 Wade Keller Hotline: Hurricane Katrina-Heidenreich news, should WWE have used Hurricane Helms on Raw, analysis of Spike TV hype for TNA and USA hype for Raw, insight into Jeff-Matt Hardy (21 min.): In today’s Keller Audio Update, notes on Hurricane Katrina affecting Heidenreich as he tries to touch base with his father, reaction to WWE’s inclusion of Hurricane Helms on Monday’s Raw and Jerry Lawler’s quip, analysis of the commercials spots for TNA on Spike TV and Raw coming to USA, an update on the timeslot for WWE’s one weekend program, the ominous ramifications of Smackdown’s move to Fridays, and insight into the Jeff Hardy-Matt Hardy relationship and Jeff’s criticism of his brother Matt in a recent interview.

8/23/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – The News: Former WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski speaks out about Linda McMahon’s dismissal of culpability for his former partner, Lance Cade (25 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features a look at the back-and-forth going on between Linda McMahon, Christopher Nowinski, and WWE regarding Linda’s comments on the death of 29 year old long-time WWE wrestler Lance Cade. Nowinski took offense to Linda’s brushing off any responsibility for Cade’s drug addiction and death, and WWE replied, and Nowinski fired right back. A look at the strength of various arguments and ideas how the media might cover this from here.

8/24/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – The News: Raw ratings, Impact ratings, Bischoff’s flawed logic, Serena, TNA no-shows, Nowinski’s reluctance, MMA live experience (18 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features a look at news items of the last 24 hours or so including Raw ratings, Impact quarter hour ratings, Serena, Eric Bischoff’s terribly flawed logic, TNA no-shows, insight into Chris Nowinski’s reluctance to take on WWE publicly like he now has, and more.

8/25/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – The News: Why the life of a pro wrestler in WWE is not much at all like Health Ledger, other frustrating WWE p.r. assertions to the N.Y. Times (20 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features a look at the New York Times article on the death frequency of pro wrestlers, WWE quotes in the story, and what is so maddening about WWE’s p.r. assertions including the absurd continued comparisons between the life and career of a pro wrestler and an actor such as Heath Ledger.

8/27/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – The News: Luna Vachon, Nightline revisits Benoit’s death & WWE responds, Charlie Haas speaks out, Angle says when time will come for younger wrestlers, more (12 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features a look at the latest news including the death of Luna Vachon, ABC Nightline revisiting the death of Chris Benoit including WWE’s response to Chris’s father’s claims, Charlie Haas speaks out, Kurt Angle explains when time will come for younger TNA talent, and more.

8/28/2010 Wade Keller Hotline – Ask the Editor: Various booker’s philosophies on building cards, FMW and Atsushi Onita, Strikeforce announcers knowledge of WWE’s rough schedule (18 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features the “Ask the Editor” format with three questions covered: The history and influence of Atsushi Onita and FMW, what it says that Strikeforce announcers knew the history of WWE’s road schedule driving wrestlers into MMA, and the story behind different philosophies of bookers building cards differently with different strengths and pacing and styles.

8/29 Wade Keller Hotline – The News: Top Star of the Raw Era, Actual Demands WWE Places on Top Talent, Al Snow talks Heyman and EV2 and state of TNA, Serena released, and more (15 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features a look at weekend news including ROH in Charlotte, N.C., the actual demands WWE places on top talent is now tallied, Al Snow talks about ECW, Heyman, and state of TNA, Tiffany released, Wrestler vs. Boxer, and more.



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