VIP AUDIO 5/1 – WKH – 10 Yrs Ago Hotlines including Raw ratings nosedive, Rock talks Cena and Vince, when did fans realize wrestling was a work, why does Vince avoid saying “wrestling,” controversial World Title change, more (128 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: This edition of the Wade Keller Hotline features a week of vintage Wade Keller Hotlines from 10 years ago this month. Details follow:

•The April 19, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including Raw ratings taking a nosedive and reasons why that happened and could have been prevented, plus Tough Enough ratings also drop, 1-2-3 Kid returns, Bret Hart returns to WWE programming on Monday, a John Cena Draft Teaser, and more.

•The April 20, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including legal updates on two of TNA’s top stars, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle, plus The Rock talks about John Cena and his relationship with Vince McMahon, the UK edits out Truth’s smoking, what the new hire at Spike TV means, Abyss’s new look, and more.

•The April 21, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor segment including a primary subject of when fans began to realize pro wrestling wasn’t a true competitive sport with a look at the last 100 years of the evolution of that knowledge and how it was spread through various media. Also, the issue of ECW footage ownership.

•The April 22, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor segment including a look at various motivations for Vince McMahon running from the term “wrestling” over the last 25-plus years, why do wrestlers leave WWE citing “burnout” only to show up in TNA, a look at The Wade Keller Hotline Streak nearing one year straight, and more.

•The April 23, 2011 episode features the latest news including a controversial World Title change tonight in the NWA, unexpected WWE Match of the Night tonight, WSJ talks about WWE’s place on USA, some key possible draft moves, and more.

•The April 24, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor format including what three phrases should be written on TNA’s locker room chalk board to guide, plus does the Torch underrate Bill Watts’s run as WCW booker in the early 1990s, is Wade Barrett’s name a rib, why will Rock vs. Cena draw (Rock’s return itself or Cena vs. Rock as the match), and more.

•The April 25, 2011 episode features in-depth analysis of the 2011 Draft edition of WWE Monday Night Raw including Vince McMahon’s big Psych! along with the first phase of the draft with the top predictions happening as predicted, plus R-Truth’s show-stealing heel promo, Mark Henry’s heel turn, short matches hurt main event talent, and more.



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