1/8 IMPACT WRESTLING HARD TO KILL PPV REPORT: Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo, women’s Ultimate X, Jonah vs. Alexander, more


PHOTO CREDIT: Impact Wrestling


JANUARY 8, 2022

Commentators: Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown

-Opening video package with comments from Eddie Edwards, Rosemary, Rich Swann, Josh Alexander, Eric Young, Deonna Purrazzo, The Good Brothers, Matt Cardona, Chris Sabin, and Trey Miguel ending with them saying they are Hard To Kill. Very well done.


This was the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X Match. The winner gets an upcoming shot at the Knockouts Title. Tom Hannifan (formerly Tom Phillips of WWE) and D’Lo Brown welcomed us to the show. Hannifan talked about prior Ultimate X matches and seemed familiar with the wrestlers and history. Alisha was a late substitute for Rachael Ellering (it was also Alisha’s birthday).

The winner has to grab the X that was hanging above the ring. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome” right at the start. Everyone brawled once the bell rang. Chelsea got a blockbuster on Alisha. Tasha and Chelsea battled in the ring. Grace got a spinebuster on Tasha. Savannah Evans walked to the ring. Havok got in the ring and boosted Rosemary to try to grab the X. Chelsea dropkicked them to put a stop to it.

Chelsea and Alisha climbed the scaffold and dove onto wrestlers at ringside. Lady Frost did a flip from the top rope onto the pile at ringside. Grace and Frost fought on the scaffold. Frost, Grace, and Rosemary battled. Tasha pulled Grace off the ropes above the ring. Chelsea tried to climb the ropes but fell.

Alisha hit everyone with a kendo stick. Fans chanted “She’s hardcore”. Rosemary speared Alisha off the ropes. A “This Is Awesome” chant broke out. Tasha and Grace battled on the ropes and both fell to the mat on their tailbones. Frost dove off the ropes onto wrestlers at ringside. Grace, Tasha, and Chelsea battled on the ropes. Tasha knocked Grace off. Chelsea grabbed the X, but Tasha took it from her and fell to the mat to win.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: An exciting match that didn’t disappoint. Everyone worked hard and had a chance to shine. The fans were into the match the whole way through. Great start to the show.)

-D’Lo and Hannifan appeared on camera and pitched to a clip of the movie The Free Fall, which was a sponsor of the show.

-D’Lo and Hannifan appeared on camera again after the movie clip. Hannifan said he was glad to be there and acknowledged by name the TNA/Impact announcers in history before him. D’Lo and Hannifan ran down the rest of the matches for the show.

-Mickie James promo from earlier in the day. She talked about appearing at the Royal Rumble but said it wouldn’t get in the way of her match tonight. She talked about Deonna Purrazzo. She said everything is bigger in Texas and vowed to win. She said her celebration would be glorious when she walked out as the champion.

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo with Matthew Rehwoldt. Deonna said she has a Plan A and a Plan B and looked at Rehwoldt. Gail Kim walked in and said that if Rehwoldt puts his hands in Mickie, he will be fired. Deonna called it a conspiracy. Deonna said Mickie wouldn’t be walking into the Royal Rumble.

(2) TREY MIGUEL (c) vs. STEVE MACLIN – Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

Maclin flew in and attacked Trey on the ramp before the bell rang. They battled on the ramp. Trey dove from the ring and DDT’d Maclin on the floor. Both wrestlers got in the ring and the bell finally rang. Trey dove over the ring post onto Maclin and landed in the crowd. They fought at ringside. Maclin threw Trey into the railings and into the side of the ring.

Back in the ring, Maclin scored a two count. Maclin had the advantage and gave Trey a hard clothesline. Maclin gave Trey a uranage and got another two count. Maclin continued on offense. Maclin gave Trey an elbow drop from the ring apron. Back in the ring, Maclin gave Trey a backbreaker. Trey used his speed to mount a comeback. Trey gave Maclin a double stomp.

Maclin blocked a meteora and speared Trey. They fell to the outside. Fans chanted “This Is Impact”. Maclin gave Trey a series of elbows. Trey gave Maclin a modified piledriver and a kick. Trey got a two count. They traded punches on the apron. Trey gave Maclin a knee strike and they got back in the ring.

Trey gave Maclin a meteora from the top rope to the floor. Fans chanted “Holy Shit”. Maclin’s head hit the guard rail. Back in the ring, Trey hit the meteora on Maclin, but Maclin kicked out at two. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”. Trey gave Maclin a series of punches and a kick. Trey gave Maclin a brainbuster. Trey hit another meteora for the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: The action matched the intensity of the feud that led up to this match. It was a fitting touch to have them brawl from the start. It was a really good match and this was the best I’ve seen Maclin look. Trey was tremendous as always.)

-Gia Miller interviewed The Influence. Tenille Dashwood said that The IInspiration were unprofessional for not showing up. She said that one of the could have shown up to defend the titles. Madison said they would still have the match when they go to Ft. Lauderdale. Kaleb showed them photos on his phone that he Photoshopped of them holding the belts.

-Hannifan introduced Ian Riccaboni as the guest commentator for the next match. Ian spoke a bit about Impact and ROH and pitched to the next match. Bobby Cruise from ROH did the ring announcing.

(3) JONATHAN GRESHAM (c) vs. CHRIS SABIN – ROH World Title Match

The match was contested under ROH Pure Rules. Ian noted that Sabin was owed an ROH title match because he beat Jay Lethal in 2018. Fans chanted “ROH” after Gresham was announced. Gresham and Sabin traded the advantage at the start. Gresham worked on Sabin’s arm. Gresham put Sabin in a unique submission that put pressure on Sabin’s ankle.

Gresham worked on Sabin on the mat. Sabin gave Gresham a kick from the apron. Back in the ring, they traded the advantage. Sabin gave Gresham a DDT. They went back and forth for awhile until Sabin gave Gresham a neckbreaker. Gresham used his first rope break to break the count after a pin attempt.

Gresham gave Sabin a leg whip. Gresham gave Sabin a moonsault and elbow strikes, followed by a crossface. Sabin battled to grab the rope to break the hold. Gresham put Sabin in the octopus submission. Sabin got the Cradle Shock on Gresham. Sabin appeared to get the three count, but Gresham had his foot under the rope, so it counted as a rope break.

Gresham and Sabin traded strikes on the mat. They got to their feet and traded chops. Fans cheered after the sequence. They did more chops and the fans clapped. Gresham and Sabin traded moves. Gresham used a bridge to pin Sabin.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: It felt so odd to see the ROH World Title defended on an Impact show. It was an excellent Pure style wrestling match. Gresham and Sabin worked so well together and had the fans on their feet. This was really good.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans backstage. Tasha held the X and said she created history. She said that either Deonna or Mickie would have to deal with her.

-Video package on the Josh Alexander vs. Jonah feud.


There was a dual chant for both wrestlers. Alexander gave Jonah a kick but it didn’t phase him. Alexander followed up with punches and kicks. Jonah missed a senton. Alexander tried to go for an ankle lock, but Jonah kicked him to the outside. They fought on the outside. Jonah chopped Alexander then threw him back in the ring.

Alexander stomped on Jonah’s ankle on the apron. Alexander gave Jonah a crossbody block to the floor. A “Walking Weapon” chant broke out. Jonah dropped Alexander ribs-first on the apron. The action returned to the ring. Jonah dropped Alexander on the top rope and threw him to the mat. Alexander recovered and punched Jonah’s ankle.

Jonah made a comeback and dropped Alexander on the ropes again. Jonah put Alexander in a backbreaker. They traded offense. After a few attempts, Alexander clotheslined Jonah over the top rope. They brawled in the front row and the crowd scattered. Jonah clotheslined Alexander over the rail. Alexander came back with a punch.

Alexander leaped from the top rope over the rail onto Jonah. Jonah beat the count to get inside the ring. Jonah backdropped Alexander to avoid the C-4 Spike. Alexander gave Jonah a knee drop for a two count. They battled on the top rope. Jonah gave Alexander a superplex. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”.

Alexander and Jonah traded punches and chops. Jonah powerbombed Alexander and clotheslined him. Jonah gave Alexander a brainbuster for a two count. Alexander bled from the head. Jonah went to the top rope, but Alexander put him in an ankle lock. Jonah gave Alexander a headbutt. Jonah missed a moonsault from the top rope.

Alexander made a comeback and powerbombed Jonah for a two count. Alexander put Jonah in an ankle lock but he kicked out of it. Alexander stomped Jonah then put on the ankle lock again. Jonah tapped.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 17:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This match was a little slower paced then previous matches but it built to a really good match that the fans were invested in. This is also a big storyline win for Alexander on his quest to regain the World Title.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards, Heath, and Rhino. Eddie said it was time for Hardcore War. He said they would do whatever it takes to win the match. He said he would introduce “Kenny” (the kendo stick) to Dallas, Texas. Swann said they were ready to get hardcore. Mack said there would be no more running and sneak attacks. Rhino said he would twist off Eric Young’s head. He said he would make Eric bleed.

-Video package on the 10-man tag feud.


The match rules were similar to War Games but there was no cage. A new wrestler entered every 90 seconds. Violent By Design’s team had the man advantage (due to a match on the last episode of Impact TV). Deaner and Swann started the match. Deaner brought a trash can and Swann brought a chair. Swann got the early advantage. Fans chanted “Let’s Go Swann”. Deaner hit Swann with the chair.

Swann gave Deaner a spin kick, but he missed a splash. Deaner ran Swann into a chair. Deaner waved the VBD flag. Deaner gave Swann a Russian Leg Sweep with the flag pole. Deaner tripped Swann into a chair. Karl Anderson was next in the ring. He brought a golf club. Swann kicked Anderson and got the club. Swann hit Anderson with the club and gave Deaner a stunner.

Anderson hit Swann with the tag team title belt and a chair. Willie Mack was next and he brought an ax handle. Mack attacked Anderson and Deaner with the ax handle. Swann hit Deaner with a trash can. Mack brought a door into the ring. He and Swann set the door up between two chairs. Swann and Mack gave Deaner a 3D through the door.

Doc Gallows was next. He hit Swann with a trash can and hit Swann with a part of the door. Eddie Edwards was next. He hit Anderson with a kendo stick. Eddie did two dives and took down the Good Brothers and Deaner. The fans were on their feet. Eric Young was next and he brought trash can lids. He attacked Eddie and threw him in the ring.

Doc hit Mack with a chair. Deaner used a fork on Eddie. Heath was next and threw powder in Anderson’s eyes. He used a pipe on Eric Young. Eddie put a trash can over Deaner and Heath hit the can with a pipe. Mack missed a moonsault from the top rope with a trash can. Wrestlers fought at ringside. Joe Doering entered last for his team.

Doering fought Eddie and Heath. Doering gave a powerbomb to Mack and Swann. All the wrestlers were fighting in the ring. VBD and The Good Brothers had the upper hand. Rhino came out last with a steel chain. Fans chanted “ECW”. Rhino battled everyone with the chain. Rhino hit Eric Young. Heath, Doc, and Eric were bleeding.

The two sides squared off and brawled. Eric and Eddie traded shots with the trash can lids. Eddie used the kendo stick. Eddie lit the end of the kendo stick on fire and hit Doc with it. Eric got a piledriver on Eddie through a table. Swann dove on Eric to the floor. Mack and Swann pulled out a barbed wire board and set it up in a corner of the ring.

Doering gave Swann a Death Valley Driver through the board. Mack clotheslined Swann over the top rope. Anderson got a Stun Gun on Mack. Heath hit Anderson with a Dallas Cowboys helmet. Rhino gored Anderson and Heath covered Anderson for the pin.

WINNERS: Heath & Rhino & Rich Swann & Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards in 24:00.

After the match, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, and PCO attacked the babyfaces. D’Lo asked if this was an invasion. After they laid everyone out, Bennett and Taven brought Maria Kanellis into the ring and they all celebrated. Fans chanted “ROH” and “OGK”. Taven held up a tag team belt and said they would be taking this soon. D’Lo spoke in somber tones.

(D.L.’s Take: This was all brawling and fine for what it was. The fans were into it and it was a change of pace from the style of the previous matches. That was quite a post-match angle that should draw a lot of interest.)

-Gia Miller ran to Scott D’Amore to ask for a comment about what just happened. Scott said he didn’t know anything about it and he would call Baltimore to get some answers.

-D’Lo and Hannifan said they would try to find out what happened.

-Video package on the Moose vs. Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey feud.

(6) MOOSE vs. W. MORRISSEY vs. MATT CARDONA- Impact Wrestling World Title Match

Cardona attacked Moose at the bell. Moose threw Cardona out of the ring. Morrissey caught Moose with a big boot, but Cardona broke up the pin attempt. Cardona dove on Moose and Morrissey on the outside. Moose threw Cardona into the rail. Moose powerbombed Cardona onto the apron. Morrissey powerbombed Moose onto the apron.

Back in the ring, Morrissey splashed Moose and Cardona. Moose caught Cardona with a crossbody block from the top rope. Moose got the Go To Hell on Morrissey for a two count. Cardona stomped Moose and Morrissey. Moose powerbombed Morrissey and Cardona. The action spilled to the outside again.

Moose and Cardona fought in the crowd. Chelsea Green screamed encouragement from the stage. She said “F*** you” to Moose, gave him the middle finger, then gave him a crossbody block from the stage to the floor. Morrissey dove on Moose and Cardona. Fans started a “Morrissey” chant, which could be a first.

Morrissey had the upper hand on Cardona in the ring. Chelsea was at ringside now. Cardona sent Morrissey to the outside. Moose and Cardona brawled in the ring. Cardona knocked Moose off the top rope through a table at ringside. Morrissey took a prosthetic leg from a fan and hit Cardona with it. Cardona hit Morrissey with Radio Silence but only got a two count.

Morrissey choke slammed Cardona for a two count. Cardona got Radio Silence again but Moose pulled out the referee. Cardona rolled up Moose for a two count. Moose accidentally speared the referee. Cardona hit the Radio Silence on Moose. Morrissey powerbombed Moose but there was no referee.

A second referee ran out and checked on the first one. Morrissey brought chairs in the ring. Moose gave him a low blow. Moose hit Morrissey with a chair. Cardona hit Moose with a chair. Moose kicked Cardona low. Chelsea got in the ring. Cardona almost hit her with a chair again but he didn’t. Cardona got a two count on Moose.

Moose powerbombed Cardona into the second referee. Moose got a spear on Cardona. The second referee recovered and made the three count.

WINNER: Moose in 16:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This was really good. It wasn’t clear who was going to win, which added a layer of drama to the match. The excessive ref bumps took it down a notch, but it was good overall. Fans were into it from beginning to end. All three wrestlers rose to the occasion and made this a really fun match.)

-Promo for the Rebellion PPV in April.

-Video package on the Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo feud.

(7) MICKIE JAMES (c) vs. DEONNA PURRAZZO – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

This was a Texas Death Match. You have to keep your opponent down for ten seconds after a fall to win. A dueling chant broke out at the start of the match. Deonna got a quick pin within seconds with a rollup. Deonna got right up. Deonna gave Mickie a Hot Shot on the top rope. Mickie tapped out to an armbar, but got right up. ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C was shown at ringside.

Mickie got in Deonna’s face and Deonna pushed her off while saying “F*** you, Mickie” (our second F-bomb of the show). Mickie and Deonna threw chairs into the ring. Deonna tried to pull out a table, but Mickie kinda kicked her off. Mickie attacked Deonna at ringside. Mickie threw Deonna into a table at ringside.

Deonna threw Mickie into the ring post. Deonna hit Mickie with a golf club. They brawled up the ramp. Deonna suplexed Mickie on the stage. Deonna rolled a case into Mickie. Deonna got a three count on the stage. Mickie was bleeding from the head. Mickie got up at 9. Deonna jumped on Mickie and punched her.

The action returned to the ring. Mickie had Deonna in a single leg Boston Crab. Deonna reached the ropes to break the hold. Mickie dropkicked Mickie to the floor. Mickie took off her chaps. Mickie gave Deonna knee lifts with her knee brace. Deonna threw Mickie into a table that she set up in the ring. Deonna brought in thumb tacks. Deonna threw Mickie into the tacks.

Mickie screamed as fans chanted “Holy Shit”. Deonna choked Mickie with the chaps and Mickie tapped and fell to the floor. Mickie got to her feet at 8. Deonna dove onto Mickie at ringside. Mickie pulled out a guitar that said Hardcore Country. Deonna got it away and attacked Mickie with a chair in the ring.

Deonna put the chair on Mickie’s knee. Mickie hit Deonna in the head with a chair. Mickie hit Deonna with a Thesz press at ringside and got a pin. Deonna was bleeding from the head. Matthew Rehwoldt picked up Deonna. Mickie dove onto Deonna and Rehwoldt. Mickie put Deonna on a table. Deonna got off the table and gave Mickie a piledriver through a table.

Deonna got the pin. Mickie got up at 9. Deonna tried to give Mickie a low blow. Mickie hit Rehwoldt with the guitar. Deonna missed a chair shot and hit herself. Mickie DDT’d Deonna. Mickie stacked a chair and table on Deonna to prevent her from getting up. Deonna was counted out.

WINNER: Mickie James in 20:00.

Mickie sat in a chair and celebrated afterwards. Hannifan noted that Mickie was on her way to the Royal Rumble.

(D.L.’s Take: This was a brutal match and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it was intense. There were a couple of missed moves, but both wrestlers tried hard and got the fans really into the match.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was an excellent show from top to bottom. There was a lot of variety tonight: scientific mat wrestling, intense X Division style action, and wild brawling. Even with all the good wrestling, one of the main talking points coming out of the show will be the ROH invasion angle. I thought Tom Hannifan was a great addition on the announce team. He did very well. The show left some intrigue about how storylines will play out on future episodes of Impact TV. If this show is any indication, Impact is headed in the right direction for 2022.

CATCH-UP: 1/6 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Final hype for Hard to Kill, Heath vs. Karl Anderson, Purrazzo vs. Martinez, more

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