Stephanie McMahon undergoes surgery


Stephanie McMahon undergoes surgery
Stephanie McMahon


Just days after resigning as Co-CEO of WWE, Stephanie McMahon had surgery to repair an injured ankle. McMahon commented on the news with a Twitter post on Friday.

“Busy week,” McMahon wrote. “Thank you Dr. Waldrop and the Orthopedic Center staff for fixing my ankle! And to Kevin Wilk for already getting me started on rehab. And of course to my amazing caregiver, Triple H.”

Stephanie McMahon became Co-CEO of WWE with Nick Khan in the summer of 2022 after her father, Vince McMahon, retired. Vince McMahon was embroiled in a WWE Board of Directors investigation into hush money payments made to female employees with whom he reportedly had affairs with. He was also facing numerous accusations of sexual misconduct.

McMahon returned to the company and seized power by brining two loyal board members with him and ousting three others — one of whom led the investigation into the hush money payments. McMahon is now the executive chairman of the board, but without Stephanie as CEO. Nick Khan remains CEO.

Upon his return, McMahon has already been slapped with a clash action lawsuit regarding his return to the business. McMahon and WWE have not publicly commented on those accusations at this time.

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  1. Now we know how Vince returned. This isnt going to end well for WWE and totally ridiculous. Its also likely why Steph stepped away because she doesnt want to be anywhere near this charlie foxtrot her father is about to bring down on WWE. I know HHH is loyal but at what point does he decide enough is enough. Probably when VKM decides to undercut everything HHH has done and tried to fix after Vince left orginally

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