VIP AUDIO 2/22 – 10 YRS AGO TNA Impact Review (1-25-06): Sting’s first TV appearance, Joe, Styles, Daniels, Monty, Christian references Brokeback Mountain (50 min)


SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist James Caldwell is joined by Torch specialist Paul Madavi to discuss the Jan. 21 edition of TNA Impact in-depth. They discuss TNA’s bait and switch on Sting’s first TV appearance, why TNA needs to show more respect to its fans when trying to add new viewers, which of the mid-card X Division wrestlers could move to the top tier with Joe, Daniels, and Styles, the interplay between Daniels and Styles, the misuse of TV time involving the James Gang, the use of insider references in a demeaning way as part of a storyline, Monty Brown’s superb effort, homosexuality in wrestling as part of Christian’s promo referencing Brokeback Mountain, the big picture leading into the next PPV, the positives of the show, and much more.

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