1/4 Showtime Championship Wrestling in St. Paul, Minn.: Quinton vs. Jackson, Noai vs. Sierra, Spriggle vs. Outlaw

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JANUARY 4, 2019

If you attend a live event, please send results in the format of the following report to pwtorch@pwtorch.com. Thanks!

Attendance: Sold Out at 250

This event was the farewell match of E Sylvester Quinton IV, a staple member of the Showtime roster & Co Founding Member of The Firm, a heel stable that was previously the backbone of Showtime’s events in this venue. 


Joeasa & James Marsten made their Showtime debuts in this match & quickly got on the crowd’s bad side, establishing their villainous ways early on. The much smaller in size local rookies Russell Rogue & Andrew Wilson pulled out an upset victory.

(1) LEVY CRUISE defeated Heayweight Champion KAL CREED via DQ in a Non Title Match.

It was noted that if Levy Cruise could defeat Creed or last to the time limit in this match, he would earn a Championship Match. Cruise just recently debuted in pro wrestling and hadn’t yet earned contendership, hence this being a Non Title Match. Cruise also appeared on 205 Live recently in a losing effort to Hideo Itami. Kal Creed has been Heavyweight Champion since May 2018 and is the first Champion. He lived up to his moniker of the Suplexing Superman, as he threw Levy around the ring early in this match. Creed scored a pinfall after a punch with brass knuckles when the referee was distracted, but when the referee raised Creed’s arm, the knuckles fell from his arm pit, where they were hidden & the decision was reversed to a disqualification in Levy Cruise’s favor. Cruise earns a Championship match, which later in the night was announced for March 1st in St Paul.

(2) Vanessa Azure defeated Devon Monroe.

Showtime has recently been incorporating inter gender wrestling, with Kara Noia winning the Future Clash Championship, previously only held by males, and thus far undefeated Vanessa Azure having beaten all the female competition brought to her. Rookie Devon Monroe has been very impressive since debuting in professional wrestling in October. He put up a good fight but was out experienced by Azure, who reversed a rollup attempt with a pull of the tights for the victory.

After the match Ash Kohler – one of Showtime’s commentary men – came to ringside to interview Vanessa Azure about her win streak and what 2019 holds for her. She insisted that she should already be champion and insinuated that she will be sooner than later.

(3) PAUL VIRK defeated THE SYSTEM.

Both of these men’s scheduled opponents were unable to compete, so they competed against each other, much to Virk’s dismay. It was the singles match Showtime debut for both and Virk showed his power & strength to pick up the victory after a Urinage suppler. 

(4) JDX defeated EL ANGEL DORADO, SEISHIN, AIR WOLF, HEAVY METAL LORE, and GYASI in a Scramble Match. 

This match was one fall to a finish, which differs from past Showtime Events where 4 and 6 man matches have been competed under elimination rules. The winner is awarded a Championship match of their choice on an upcoming Showtime event. Showtime has two championships, the Future Clash Championship – held by Kara Noia at the time of this match, and the Heavyweight Championship – held by Kal Creed. The crowd came unglued for this match as it was packed with action and incredible high spots. The match started with Gyasi grabbing the microphone and running down not only the crowd, but all of his opponents, which was answered by Heavy Metal Lore – the largest competitor in the match, chokeslamming him and taking him out of commission for the first chunk of the match. Seishin, formerly Tootie Lynn Ramsey, debuted her new masked character in St Paul with this match and kept up with the fast pace of Air Wolf, Dorado & JDX. Lore once again showed his size advantage over the competition & military pressed Seishin from the inside of the ring all the way onto the floor on top of the other opponents. Back in the ring, JDX hit a Widow’s Peak type move on Dorado for the pinfall.

Ash Kohler returned to ringside to interview JDX about his win. JDX didn’t put a date on when he will use his Championship Match, but made it clear that he’s aiming for the Heavyweight Championship. 


This match was a surprise and not advertised at all. Damon was spotted on the event poster but no match had been announced for him. St Louis area wrestler Mike Outlaw made his un-announced Showtime debut in this match and was able to capture the crowd’s attention. Damon Spriggle is a local rookie in his first 6 months of competition & while he has competed around the Twin Cities & Showtime in that time, this was a real break out match for him and established him as someone to keep an eye on in the future. Damon hits an Emerald Flowsion for the victory to a big, welcoming reaction from the crowd. 

(6) Future Clash Champion KARA NOIA defeated SIERRA in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match.

The Future Clash Championship is a large trophy – not a traditional Championship belt – and wrestlers within their first 5 years in the business challenge for it. They keep track of defenses and if a Champion defends the trophy 5 times, they vacate it and move up the card. It was noted that this match was the 3rd defense for Kara. The first fall was awarded to Kara after the referee caught Vanessa Azure attack Kara outside of the ring to assist Sierra. This assault by Vanessa & Sierra allowed the challenger to roll Kara in the ring and score the pin as the equalizer, giving each competitor a fall. After taking a beating, Kara fired back with a flurry of strikes and won with a Perfect Plex.


The crowd filled the ring with streamers in appreciation of ESQ’s time spent helping establish Showtime. This match was advertised as having a special referee that would be announced at the event, which was revealed to be Kyle Pro, a long time rival of The Firm. Even though ESQ has left The Firm, Kyle didn’t trust him and was on hand to be sure that the two former partners kept things as fair and legal as possible, despite Ricky Noren, Sierra & Vanessa Azure being at ringside in Rylie’s favor. Eventually Rylie Jackson had enough of Kyle Pro as the referee and surprised him with a super kick, followed by Ricky Noren being encouraged to join the beat down and take the referee shirt for himself. Ricky appeared to be torn on which friend to favor in this match, slow counting pin attempts for both ESQ & Rylie. Eventually miss communication between Rylie & Ricky lead to both men being knocked out, Kyle regaining his composure and counting the pinfall for ESQ. After the match, ESQ & Kyle buried the hatchet after the last year and a half of Kyle feuding with The Firm. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was the largest attendance Showtime has had in St Paul with their first official sellout of the venue. They have gotten full houses in the past but this was confirmed as the first 100% sell out at max capacity for the room. The entire card & roster brought their A game, with several unadvertised appearances to add a bonus to the already stacked card. The crowd really seemed to love the Scramble match and the streamers for ESQ were a nice compliment to the already warm reception he received.

If you attend a live event, please send results in the format of the following report to pwtorch@pwtorch.com. Thanks!

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