VIP AUDIO 3/18 – The Fix Mailbag w/Todd Martin & Wade Keller (pt. 2 of 2): Shane-Strowman, disappointment in Rollins and Omega, Andrade’s future, which AEW wrestlers would WWE want, Ripley, Woman, AEW Dark, more (86 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this week’s episode of The Fix Mailbag (pt. 2 of 2 of The Fix) with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they address the following questions and topics submitted by readers…

  • Is the Shane McMahon-Braun Strowman build-up reminiscent of what was bad about the Shane McMahon-Undertaker build-up for WM32? Are these “special” WM storylines worth doing if they can’t do them well?
  • Will AEW release wrestlers at the two year mark of their run on TNT? Which wrestlers would WWE try to sign?
  • What promotions would Andrade fit best in if he does get his release from WWE?
  • Which wrestlers would get a better contract and have a higher ceiling in WWE than AEW?
  • Who will appear sooner on Raw, Rhea Ripley or Emmalina?
  • Is Seth Rollins such a disappointment it’s time to write off previous expectations of what his career would amount to?
  • Would Kenny Omega have been better off not going to AEW now that we’ve seen a rough first year and a half on Dynamite?
  • Is Randy Orton doing the best in-ring work of his career? What are his best matches in recent years?
  • Is AEW Dark essentially a replacement for house shows in terms of giving wrestlers ring reps, and should people complain about the quality of the shows given what purpose they’re really serving?
  • Is too much weight put on ratings given the room for error and statistical noise that distorts conclusions?
  • Some Breaking Bad talk about Skyler White.
  • Is Woman/Nancy Benoit a realistic and worthy candidate to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, like Chris Jericho said she should be?
  • Is Nick Jackson losing his hair?
  • Is MJF realistic about having another 25 years left in his career?
  • Who would you “gift” some of Billy Gunn’s “needless height” to on the AEW roster?
  • Was the MJF “swerve” easier to figure out and more logical than some said?
  • How in the world does this Randy Orton-Fiend/Alexa Bliss stuff make any sense?
  • Was Christian Cage’s intro promo on Dynamite heelish or just a straight-forward mission statement? What could he have said to make him more of a babyface?
  • Is Cody keeping the Snoop Dogg theme, and should he?
  • Is WrestleMania better off without special attraction wrestlers and celebrities, since so many have lamented them taking attention away from the star wrestlers anyway over the years? And should WrestleMania be more geared toward blasting off careers more than just paying off feuds?
  • What should AEW take away from the increased buyrate for Revolution, and could it unfortunately lead to more violent hardcore gimmick matches? Is there a way to isolate the drawing power of the death match gimmick? And are these style matches a result of Kenny Omega’s championship run and they’ll switch back when he’s not on top?



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