HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 9/8: Adam Cole shows off star power and charisma during Dynamite debut


Adam Cole photo - Ring of Honor (c) ROHWrestling.com


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Malaki Black is a mesmerizing act that is being harnessed in the wrong way. Sure, the guy is kicking the heads off of senior citizens and beating up barely trained rookies, but the audience loves him and those heelish antics because he’s so darn fun to watch. With the Cody match at Arthur Ashe Stadium looming, that inconsistent, albeit strong, booking will get worse before it gets better.

-Inject more of Miro vs. Eddie Kingston into my veins. Their 15-second hype video was masterful at building anticipation for more between them. Funny as hell, too.

-It took C.M. Punk a little bit of time out there this week, but we finally saw the wrestler come out. Not just the happy to be back, Punk, but the wrestler C.M. Punk in a wrestling angle with another wrestler. More of this please.

-Ruby Soho had a wonderful Dynamite debut on the mic, but a sloppy one in the ring. She has charisma and what appears to be chemistry with Britt Baker thanks to their backstage interaction. All promising stuff. To consistently be at the top of the women’s division, she has to show that polish in the ring too.

-I’m over the Dan Lambert anti-millennial, anti-AEW shtick. For one thing, it sounds like he’s a 6th grader speed-reading through a book report. Mainly, where’s it going? It’s one note and will drag down Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page in the long run.

-MJF is a heel wizard. I know he took some shortcuts this week, like insulting local sports teams, but after jobbing to Chris Jericho at All Out, the shortcuts worked to immediately grab all the strong heat back. Plus, that heat laid a foundation for Brian Pillman Jr. to stand on and look the best he has on the mic since joining the company full-time.

-Adam Cole is a damn star. The guy radiates charisma and with less filters in the AEW promo environment, that charisma should bleed out of him more than it already does. It’s significant to stand in a ring with Kenny Omega and come across as his equal. Cole did that and without much effort, either.

-Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson standing face to face with one another in a pro wrestling ring. That moment is easily one that could have never happened. It did. Both guys seemed to feel the buzz in the audience as they squared off. Omega vs. Danielson is big and just the seeds being planted like they were on this show got a major reaction. Should be an even bigger one when they wrestle for the first time.

-Do I wish Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki would have gotten a little more time? Of course. That said, the fact that this match can take place on Dynamite and on TNT shows the progressive nature of AEW. It felt unique and fresh – something that will keep fans tuning into the product long term.

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