VIP AUDIO 10/20 – WKH – 10 Yrs Ago Hotlines including the Raw where Cena invited Rock to team with him at Survivor Series, Scott Hall documentary review, Hogan’s value, McMahon TV writing schedule, more (142 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: This edition of the Wade Keller Hotline features a week of vintage Wade Keller Hotlines from 10 years ago this month. Details follow:

•The Oct. 18, 2011 episode features features a look at the big happenings at Tuesday night’s Impact Wrestling tapings along with an in-depth insider perspective on the timeline of when Robert Roode plans changed, why they changed, who was behind the changes, what the reaction was in the locker room, and how the very latest happenings at the tapings will or won’t change the internal outrage among some wrestlers.

•The Oct. 19, 2011 episode features guest analyst Bruce Mitchell to discuss the ESPN E:60 docu-story on the tragic downfall of Scott Hall, which had one fatal omission that undercuts an otherwise revealing, brilliantly produced, emotion-packed piece including Hall telling the story of shooting someone in the head and how he believes that baggage left him vulnerable to the problems he’s had since.

•The Oct. 20, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including these subjects: Gail Kim speaks about WWE Divas, Storm-Roode news, Jersey shore, Scott Hall story, WWE Network, Impact Quarters, Gerald Briscoe, Ross, Davey Richards, and more.

•The Oct. 21, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor format including the locker room reaction to Edge with the whole Edge-Lita-Hardy triangle, why isn’t Sheamus selling for opponents and who are the better sellers in WWE today, what if WWE said they’d fire anyone failing wellness tests before WrestleMania, is Hulk Hogan worth the price per show, and was there a scenario that would make sense to have Bobby Roode win the TNA World Title after Bound for Glory instead of at the PPV itself?

•The Oct. 22, 2011 episode features an in-depth look at Friday’s episode of Smackdown including a detailed walk through the final WWE hype for Vengeance. What worked? What didn’t work? What are examples in this show of WWE’s loss of its grip on certain fundamentals, and examples provided of alternative approaches to right what’s wrong.

•The Oct. 23, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor format including the following topics: Should McMahon write a month of TV all at once instead of writing weekly? What’s best scenario for Raw/Smackdown brands? Should TNA count as a World Title?

•The Oct. 24, 2011 episode features a recap and analysis of Raw including Kevin Nash viciously attacking Triple H, John Cena inviting Rock to team with him at Survivor Series (shock!), Zack Ryder knocked out of his first TV main event, Michael Cole challenges Jim Ross for Raw host chair, and much more.



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