VIP AUDIO 2/24 – The Fix Mailbag w/Todd & Wade (pt. 4 of 4): Too many ex-WWE wrestlers in AEW, did Tony break promise to Cody, Hangman, Callis, Jade Cargill, Adam Cole disappointing so far, AEW in NY, more (76 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: In part four of this week’s four-part episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they answer mailbag questions on these topics:

  • Did Tony Khan back down on his promise to give Cody Rhodes creative control, and would Cody have not signed with AEW if he knew he wouldn’t have the creative input he believed was promised him?
  • Who would have had a better chance to succeed with a start-up company, the EVPs without Tony Khan or Tony with the EVPs at the start?
  • What is the best scenario where Cody follows in his father’s footsteps and ends up a major booker in a big company? Could he end up being a top booker for WWE?
  • Will Cody leaving AEW before Tony Khan was able to book him in all the major matches he was saving cause Tony to go to big match-ups faster to avoid missing out on them due to unforeseen circumstances?
  • Is pacing big name wins for Hangman Page a primary reason for discontent with his AEW Title reign so far?
  • Who would be the best fit with Don Callis if he were to manage someone instead of Kenny Omega?
  • Who is more likely to be a breakout star: Jade Cargill, Wardlow, or Santana?
  • Is AEW featuring too many wrestlers who were cast off or not featured well in WWE to the point that AEW is losing the feeling of being “a whole new cast of characters”?
  • Is Adam Cole a disappointment so far compared to how much he was built up by his top fans?
  • Should WWE add Rhea Ripley or Alexa Bliss to the Becky-Belair match at WrestleMania?
  • For AEW to grow, do they need more larger than life characters who are pushed above everyone else like WWE does?
  • What’s the best way to pace a wrestling show? Balls out start to finish like PWG or ebb and flow to pace things and avoid burning out the crowd?
  • Why doesn’t AEW run MSG or Barclays Center?
  • How different would WWE be if Brock Lesnar never returned? Would they have created more big stars or just have a different approach to booking?
  • Couldn’t other wrestlers follow MJF’s lead in certain key ways that just make timeless sense?
  • Did the Nightmare Collective with Brandi Rhodes get overlooked by Todd & Wade?
  • The “Why Me” reference from “I Tonya.”
  • Where would Cesaro best fit on the AEW roster? Gatekeeper or tag wrestler? Better or worse?
  • What’s the best and worst content in WWE and AEW since last year’s WrestleMania?



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