VIP AUDIO 6/10 – The Fix Mailbag w/Todd & Wade (pt. 3 of 3): Comparing Punk Pipe Bomb to MJF, MITB winner, what if Goldberg first signed with WWE instead of WCW, Cody, Dupri, Choo, is Khan cracking (98 min.)



In part three of this week’s three-part episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they answer mailbag questions on these topics:

  • What difference would Goldberg have made if he signed with the WWF instead of WCW at the start of his career?
  • Should wrestlers in AEW be standing up after wrestlers hit them with their finishes just so they can take another big move before losing, if those finishers usually end other matches?
  • What’s up with WWE still referring to PLEs as PPVs at the start?
  • A former coworker of Wendy Choo wants to know if her current gimmick will derail her potential?
  • Is Scorpio Sky a really bad choice to be TNT Champion right now when AEW has so many more compelling wrestlers to choose from?
  • Should the arena have been shut down after Owen Hart’s death for a proper investigation to take place? Why was it even up to Vince McMahon?
  • Does Roman Reigns have to defend both titles against the Money in the Bank winner?
  • Will Max Dupri become a wrestler in addition to a manager? What’s his ceiling? Who will his first client be?
  • What is the closest thing to a pro wrestling version of Playmakers?
  • A listener wants to know if he can ask Tony Khan for a title belt, too!
  • Where would Jason Jordan’s career have gone?
  • What is the strength of the WWE product now given improvements since WrestleMania?
  • What is better product: AEW today or NXT from 2014-2019?
  • Is Tony Khan showing signs of cracking? Should he hire an executive producer to help execute a vision and tend to the details?
  • Why was Tony Khan so concerned about what Eric Bischoff thinks?
  • How was MJF’s promo conveying what he was saying was real while other wrestlers weren’t?
  • Should we pump the breaks on praising Cody Rhodes wrestling with an injury?
  • A defense of criticism of Tony Khan’s Interim Title Elimination Tournament.
  • How can anyone begrudge Toni Storm leaving WWE for AEW?
  • How about Rhea Ripley leading The Judgment Day instead of Finn Balor or Damian Priest? Are there other examples of women leading actions?
  • How much does it matter to WWE business that Roman Reigns is a heel as their top star?
  • Did Cody Rhodes win over skeptics of his top star potential last weekend? Are there other situations that elevated a wrestler to the next level due to an injury?
  • What could WWE have done if Cody wasn’t able to wrestle?
  • Would a good faith effort by WWE to penetrate the Japanese and Indian markets work? Would that require dropping portraying people from that region as drooling savages or dancing buffoons?
  • Why criticize AEW’s ranking system when Drew McIntyre just declares he’s getting a title match at the Europe PPV?
  • What are three quick things boxing could do to fix itself?
  • Why have a new title when the AEW TNT TItle is just sitting there without contenders?
  • Which promo was better – MJF’s promo or C.M. Punk’s Pipe Bomb promo?
  • Is the best comparison to MJF-Tony Khan situation the Matt Hardy-Edge-Lita situation?Has Tony Khan become an undisciplined booker?



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