AEW reportedly asks WarnerMedia to remove Jeff Hardy from all promotion


Tony Khan announces change to AEW Dynamite match
Tony Khan, AEW President


AEW has reportedly asked WarnerMedia to remove Jeff Hardy from all promotional pieces on the network after the star was arrested for DUI on Monday.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the request was made even though the company has not publicly addressed the Hardy situation.

Hardy was arrested in Florida and reportedly had alcohol levels that were nearly four times the legal limit. On Monday, AEW pulled Hardy from their own promotion, even removing the tag team ladder match between Jurassic Express, The Young Bucks, and the Hardys for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. The match was made official last week on AEW Dynamite.

Other matches on this week’s show include a hair vs. hair match between Chris Jericho and Ortiz, Wardlow against 20 security cards at one time, and Miro vs. Ethan Page in the All-Atlantic Championship tournament.

Hardy has yet to comment on this arrest.

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2 Comments on AEW reportedly asks WarnerMedia to remove Jeff Hardy from all promotion

  1. Why should Jurassic Express and the Young Bucks be punished for Jeff’s poor decision making. This is a poor decision by Tony Khan and AEW to basically hurt guys who are doing the right thing unlike Jeff Hardy

  2. Tony is a doofus with a lot of money, unlike myself a doofus with little money. lol He signs everyone that WWE tosses and the idiot Cornette is his biggest cheerleader [with insults]. Perhaps there is a reason these folks are being let go. Tony needs to avoid the temptation to sign Sasha Banks when she finally gets tossed later this summer.

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