HEYDORN’S AEW DYNAMITE RECEIPT 9/7: Tony Khan resets AEW after messy, unfortunate few days


Tony Khan comments on G1 style tournament in AEW
Tony Khan (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Tony Khan was in a no-win situation on Wednesday. Without question, Khan needed to have held better control of his locker room before things reached a boiling point at the All Out post-PPV media scrum, but with that in the rearview mirror, he didn’t have any good options moving forward. Of the bad options, he took the right path. Just announcing the stripped titles of The Elite and CM Punk without referencing them and immediately pivoting to solutions to that situation made for a clear new direction right away. For a story perspective, you’d want to address the issue more specifically, so folks who don’t follow on the internet would understand just what the hell happened, but in this instance, moving on was the right call. That’s what Khan did and the pre-tape was smart on his part too, alleviating potential fan backlash or response.

-MJF is such a premiere level performer. His babyface mannerisms to start his promo Wednesday night were just over the top enough to think he was making it up, but not over the top enough to determine anything for sure. It was a fine line to walk, but he walked it perfectly.

-Pulling the trigger on an MJF babyface run had to have been enticing for Khan given the circumstances. That said, MJF the heel can set a strong foundation on the heel side of the AEW depth chart. Khan needs a foundation now more than ever, thus making MJF a heel the right call.

-Now for that Jon Moxley promo. Tremendous. Just freaking tremendous. The guy just hits home run after home run. Moxley was genuine, correct on all accounts, intense, but very likable too. The adult in the room. If he’s the guy in that ring giving that promo, he’s the guy I’m putting the belt on next.

-Death Triangle are World Trios Champions. I’m not a fan of these belts – at all. That said, Death Triangle holding them right now is the right call.

-I shouldn’t have liked the Toni Storm vs. Penelope Ford match as much as I did. It wasn’t a classic from an in-ring perspective, but these are the types of appearances that other AEW Women’s World Champions didn’t get to make. Storm was the champion, the star, won the match, and stood tall. Simple, but effective to position her the right way at the top of the women’s division.

-The Acclaimed are getting a rematch and why the hell not? Sure, they lost, but when something is hot you go with it. I’m pulling the trigger on The Acclaimed at Grand Slam.

-We’re still doing Wardlow’s World? Is Vince McMahon booking Wardlow? That line feels like it.

-Good stuff between Bryan Danielson and Adam Page, but it wasn’t anywhere near the caliber of matches they had together earlier this year. Page was definitively beat – maybe Khan flexing his muscle – and Danielson looked strong going into his semifinal match. The championship was made to be the focus of this on commentary, a tone not always provided by AEW throughout the years, but a smart call.

-If you haven’t seen Daniel Garcia vs. Wheeler Yuta for whatever reason, go watch it. One of the better Pure Wrestling matches that I’ve seen in quite a while and the finish alone is worth your time.

-Sending the crowd home happy with the hometown kid winning a title was a bit choreographed, but also the right move. It was a trying week and building back fan goodwill was important.

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