FREE PODCAST 2/22 – PWTorch Dailycast – PWTorch ‘90s Pastcast: Moynahan & McDonald discuss issue #267 (2-19-94) of the PWTorch including SuperBrawl IV preview, SMW sets new record, WrestleMania X news, more from Kevin Sullivan, more (151 min.)

February 23, 2024

SHOW SUMMARY: Patrick Moynahan and Alex McDonald kick off episode 110 of PWTorch ‘90s Pastcast discussing issue #267 of the PWTorch including next week’s SuperBrawl PPV, Smoky Mountain set a new attendance record, WrestleMania X card […]

Former longtime WWE writer hired by AEW

February 22, 2024

Former WWE writer Jennifer Pepperman has been hired by AEW. AEW announced the hiring in a press release Wednesday night. Pepperman, who was a senior writer/producer for WWE since 2017,  left the company last week […]

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