Kyght’s PPV Evaluation – WrestleMania 32: Best/Worst Match, The Booking, The Jump, The Rock; Updated 2016 PPV Rankings

By Nathan Kyght, PWTorch PPV specialist

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PPV Evaluation – WWE WrestleMania 32


The opening match was the best match of WrestleMania – an absolutely insane seven-way ladder match spectacle with great performances from the always outstanding Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Way too many big spots to get to here, but go out of your way to catch this. But, come on, you’re a wrestling fan. You saw this show.


This didn’t have an interesting build, and despite the atmosphere came across like an opening match on a house show. Basic, forgettable stuff.


Sure, not exactly the major surprise it would have been in the big man’s NBA heyday, but if you claim to have seen this coming, you didn’t.


A.J. Styles loses to Chris Jericho and becomes the number one contender the next night? Zack Ryder wins the IC Title for no reason other than to surprise everyone and then loses the title the next night? Dean Ambrose loses when he could benefit big time from the win? Undertaker beats Shane, but Vince lets Shane run Raw anyways? Sasha Banks loses? What in the blue hell is going on here?


This just in: The Rock is good on the mic. His line that “people are so happy that in nine months there are going to be a lot of Rock babies” was great.


Yes, it’s an obvious choice. But, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the correct one. Shane McMahon at 46-years-old delivering an elbow drop from the top of the Hell in a Cell structure was an absolutely insane moment. Add to that the spectacle of the crowd and the magnitude of the event, and we’ll be seeing this replayed for years to come.


Wait! Wait! Stop throwing things! I know that to put it mildly, Roman Reigns is not a favourite among hardcore fans. But, let’s give it a chance. Already on Raw the next night we saw a much more interesting tweener character begin. What was the alternative? A non-finish in the biggest show of the year, or Triple H, granted a fantastic performer, continuing a reign that would have achieved nothing? This was the obvious move. And it was the right one.


What a strange show.

A.J. Styles and Chris Jericho had a very good match, not my favourite in their series, but I don’t understand the finish at all. Why couldn’t this have been A.J.’s night?

The Usos and The Dudleys are capable of better, but they had a fun tag match on the pre-show.

Both women’s matches were very good. A nice amount of time was given, and Sasha Banks came off like a mega-star.

Aside from the crazy jump, Shane’s match with The Undertaker was far too long. It seemed to just be killing time in between getting to the planned big moments.

Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose had a good match. I think the wrong man one, but the effort was there throughout, and the finish looked nasty.

End the League of Nations. Does it matter?

Very fun moment with Steve Austin, HBK, and Mick Foley making their return. The crowd was electric for it as well.

Baron Corbin winning the battle royal was a surprise, but let’s see how they follow up. Quick: who one last year? And if you remember, then what did they do with him?

Great seeing DDP out there. A genuinely great and generous guy, and I know from personal experience in a story I won’t get into here. Suffice to say, try DDP Yoga. It’s a life-changer.

Snoop Dogg came across great all weekend, and seemed genuinely touched to be inducted and happy to be a part of the show. It’s great when the celebrities actually care about being on the show.

I guess the Wyatts are babyfaces now and that’s why they were made to look like nobodies? Ah, WWE booking. We remember things, y’know.

The best WWE match of the weekend for the first time in as long as at least I can remember wasn’t on WrestleMania. That award goes to Nakamura vs. Zayn at Takeover. Do anything to watch that match.


Well, it IS Wrestlemania. So, whether or not it ranks as one of the better ones, it’s certainly going down in the books: a massive audience, a genuine spectacle, and some good in-ring action. But, this year it just didn’t click for me. Very strange booking marred what I thought would be a home run. I just didn’t think it was.

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  1. “But, come on, you’re a wrestling fan. You saw this show.”

    Sorry, but it’s exactly because I’m a wrestling fan that I wouldn’t be caught dead watching WWE’s “insane booking” of it’s “sports entertainment” product.

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