VIP AUDIO 4/4 – WKH – News & 10 & 15 Yrs Ago Hotlines: Viewership for Smackdown, plus 2005 Hall of Fame insider details and more news, 2010 Raw vs. Impact TV reviews (112 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Wade Keller Hotline, first some news on Smackdown viewership last night, and then we flash back to two Wade Keller Hotlines from 15 years ago in early April 2005 and two more from 10 years ago in early April 2010. The summaries of each follow..

-Wade Keller Hotline (4-5-2005): More on Hogan-Austin dynamic, why Undertaker wasn’t at the Hall of Fame ceremony, reaction to Batista’s first Raw as champ, Draft Lottery status and who’s anxious about it (30 min.): SHOW PREVIEW: In today’s new 28 minute Keller VIP Audio Update: What was WWE’s reaction internally to WWE. What was the general consensus on what went well and didn’t go well.. Reaction to the two new World Champs and their matches… More on the Hulk Hogan-Steve Austin dynamic… Why Undertaker wasn’t at the Hall of Fame Ceremony and whether his excuse has validity… Reaction to last night’s Raw and Batista’s first night as champ… What’s the detailed status of the Draft Lottery and who’s anxious about it and why… What the new USA/NBC deal means to WWE and the pros and cons of its structure, plus how WWE management feels about it… The future of Smackdown… And more…

-Wade Keller Hotline (4-7-2005): Hall of Fame controversy, Undertaker’s grudge, Austin-HOF, industry reaction to Nash Torch Talk, TNA’s all-cage PPV thoughts, Warrior goes nuts, Hogan’s resurgence (29 min.): SHOW PREVIEW: In today’s new 29 minute Keller VIP Audio Update: Hall of Fame controversies, Undertaker’s grudge, how close Austin came to not attending, why some people lost respect for Austin, Dusty’s reaction to Nash’s Torch Talk, Dustin Rhodes’s reaction to the Kevin Nash Torch Talk, general locker room reaction to Kevin Nash’s Torch Talk, TNA’s first-ever all-cage-match PPV with analysis of the pros and cons of such a move in general and for TNA specifically, a rundown of the Lockdown PPV, Ultimate Warrior goes bananas and gets called on it, Hulk Hogan’s mainstream resurgence, analysis of the Shawn Michaels-Kurt Angle dynamic with the crowd and three reasons it went the way it did, and more…

-Wade Keller Hotline (4-12-10): Raw: Bret Hart doesn’t talk Montreal Screwjob, Extreme Rules takes shape, Baywatch theme including David Hasselhoff (15 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his analysis of tonight’s edition of TNA Impact, with one rant after another about a show that featured two hours of tawdry, needlessly excessively dangerous, icky hot-shotting reeking of desperation. A breakdown of dozens of big and little things that didn’t belong on the air, were counter productive, made no sense, weren’t pleasant or were outright disgusting, and so on and so forth.

-Wade Keller Hotline (4-13-10): TNA Impact: Final Lockdown PPV a step in the right direction, but fireball, car hit and run, and beer bottle might be overkill (32 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his analysis of last night’s edition of TNA Impact, which was a step in the right direction for TNA creative. There wasn’t that air of desperation and tawdriness, although it may have been overkill to have the heel faction use a beer bottle to the head, a car hit and run, and a fireball to the face all in one night. A walk through the show with the pros and cons and strange scenes broken down.



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