VIP AUDIO 6/23 – The Fix w/Todd & Wade (pt. 3 of 3): Mailbag – RK-Bro 4:20 marketing, WrestleMania in D.C., Vince accusations, Prichard, AEW Titles, Forbidden Door hype, Omega, Bucks, Kingston, more (95 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: In part three of this week’s three-part episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they cover these topics:

  • Todd’s “Plantiffs” vs. Wade’s “Dancing Savages” mythical ten-man Blood & Guts match.
  • Should Tony Khan pay the paralegal $3.5 million for a sitdown interview with Jim Ross on Dynamite to talk about her time in WWE?
  • Will the first AEW hair match having a payoff mean the next one with Jungle Boy or Hook will be a bigger deal?
  • Is WWE marketing “RK-Bro 4:20” shirts a tipping point in marijuana becoming mainstream, especially considering WWE’s past stances against it?
  • Shouldn’t some mitigating factors be included in analysis of last week’s big drop in AEW Dynamite viewership?
  • What kind of career would Kenny Omega have had if he debuted in WCW in 1999? How about the Young Bucks in 1999 WWF? And how about Eddie Kingston in 1999 ECW?
  • What is the huge deal regarding what Vince McMahon is accused off that might lead to sponsors being upset?
  • Could Vince be at risk of a lawsuit from shareholders if he’s found to have violated company rules?
  • Is Bruce Prichard, new Head of Talent Relations, going to push for the return of Henry Godwinn?
  • Why has D.C. never hosted a WrestleMania?
  • Could pro wrestling ever become a form of “prestige TV”? Which wrestling company has come closest to being “prestige TV”?
  • What were Todd and Wade’s first pro wrestling events they attended?
  • Is AEW’s number of titles in part a result of a deep roster, and what would wrestlers fight over if they weren’t battling for championships?
  • Why did WWE acknowledge the death of Tim White but not Dave Hebner?
  • Should pro wrestlers on Raw be aware of the show Raw and acknowledge its contents?
  • Should any commonly used wrestling moves be banned?
  • Should piledrivers or similar variations be used as transition moves?
  • Is WWE in any position to lean more on their women’s division after so many injuries to men?
  • Why did AEW not have Zack Sabre Jr. talk?
  • Has AEW botched the Forbidden Door hype?
  • Is Forbidden Door bombs, will it make it less likely there’s another AEW/NJPW event?
  • Why hasn’t Tetsuya Naito been announced for Forbidden Door?
  • Have Todd and Wade watched “Severance” on Apple TV+?
  • Will WWE ever reveal the results of the investigation into Randy Orton?
  • A closing note on AEW Dynamite ratings from last week regarding 3-day delayed viewership total



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