VIP AUDIO 3/23 – Alan4L’s ProWres Paradise: Special episode focusing on “The Lost Boys” of 2000s Puroresu. Sawa, Hoshikawa, Makai Club, Mammoth Sasaki, Florida Brothers, and New Japan’s 2007 Brand Extension! All that and much more with our special guest Golazo Dan (116 min)

March 23, 2020

SHOW SUMMARY: In our latest episode of Alan4L’s ProWres Paradise, PWTorch columnist Alan4L is joined by Golazo Dan, a fellow veteran of Japanese wrestling fandom! Dan is the perfect guest for a topic we were […]

FREE PODCAST 3/23 – PWTorch Dailycast – MMA Talk for Pro Wrestling Fans: Vallejos and Monsey discuss UFC’s current response to Coronavirus outbreak, give non-combat sports suggestions of what to watch during social distancing, examine WWE’s new production schedule, more (77 min)

March 23, 2020

SHOW SUMMARY: On this week’s edition of MMA Talk for Pro Wrestling Fans, Robert Vallejos and Rick Monsey discuss the UFC’s current response to the Coronavirus outbreak. They give non-combat sports suggestions of what to […]

VIP AUDIO 3/22 – Bruce Mitchell Mailbag w/Heydorn: Comparing and contrasting the women’s revolution era to other eras in WWE, the career of Shane Douglas, the impact of the Dr. Zahorian trial on the wrestling business, thoughts on Triple H’s demotion (77 min)

March 22, 2020

SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Bruce Mitchell Mailbag Podcast, hosted by PWTorch contributor Zack Heydorn, they dive into the mailbag including these topics: whether or not the women’s revolution in WWE is really […]

FREE PODCAST 3/21 – PWTorch Dailycast – The Deep…Dive: Daniel Palmer returns to talk Austin 3/16 Day, the folly of reading too much into Triple H’s “demotion,” plus Scarlett Harris of Women Love Wrestling pops in to talk about her fandom, future books, more (85 min)

March 21, 2020

SHOW SUMMARY: DPalm of MTR Network returns to chat Steve Austin leading up to Monday’s aired 3/16 episode. However, with the start of Covid-19 isolation, we talk more about the creativity in the moment among […]

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